Product Updates

AI-Powered Web Engagement Data for Every Account in Your CRM

Our mission is to make B2B marketers better at their jobs by making it painless to operationalize data and take meaningful action. This means that whether you’re operating an inbound, outbound, or account-based demand engine (or, most likely, some combination of the three), we want you to be able to put behavioral data to work in a variety of ways.

So – we did just that! We’ve expanded account-level engagement data, and Engagement Spike reports, to cover every account in your CRM (that you’ve uploaded into Account Hub). Previously, you only got engagement data for accounts that were part of your account-based marketing tactics.

Because we know that most demand generation teams manage a variety of demand programs depending on the target segment, maturity, deal size, and strategic nature of the accounts they’re going after – we’re excited to deliver engagement data directly in Account Hub as well as your CRM, so every sales and success rep in your organization can get deeper insights into what’s going on in your accounts and prioritize or reach out accordingly.

Here are a few of the tactics we’re running with this data:


Surface old/cold accounts with fresh interest

We all have CRMs chock full of accounts that went cold, or who we found through a data completion tool or event list but who aren’t really engaged with us right now. But we also get so focused on bringing new records into our CRM, we can forget about the ones already there, ripe for development.

When you load those accounts into Account Hub, you’ll start seeing account-level web visit data – how many people visited, how many pages, and which pages. We’ll also automatically generate Engagement Spikes on these accounts, even if they’re not in an active Terminus tactic  – which means they’ll show up in your weekly engagement spike reports in CRM, or in your own custom reports built on engagement data.

It’s always a challenge to help reps know when to go back to the well of accounts that have gone cold – and too often we miss the boat because we’re focused on bringing net-new contacts and accounts into our CRM. What’s worse – when we do call blitzes into these old accounts, it only makes sales reps more reluctant to go back to them because of the ultra-low success rate.

Engagement data and engagement spikes brings you a new way to bubble up the most valuable accounts in your CRM, right when they’re re-engaging.

If you’re currently using engagement data and Terminus reports for your sales development teams, this is a great way to get it in the hands of every sales representative across your teams. Regardless of whether they’re part of your ‘account-based program’ or not, you’ll be delivering valuable context and prioritization to every rep (and we think they’ll thank you for it!).


Deliver prioritization & targeted retention plays to Customer Success

Engagement data doesn’t stop being useful after the initial sale. In fact, engagement data can be a huge help to success managers who are hoping to provide more relevant, useful information to the accounts they manage.

When you’ve set up multiple engagement models to track different product lines, feature sets,  or common use cases with your product, your success teams can use this vital information to identify which accounts in their portfolio are heavily researching specific parts of your offering or related topics.

This leads to a critical capability for them – getting proactive instead of reactive. Instead of waiting for their contacts to reach out with request or questions, they can swoop in with relevant information or an offer to cover a specific capability. To your customers, it’ll seem like your success team has a sixth sense for what they need to be successful – and isn’t that the relationship you want to cultivate with your customers?

If your style is a bit more automation-forward, you can easily use the spike data (which comes with a handy date) flowed into your marketing automation or sales email cadence tool of choice to trigger customized nurture email flows tailored toward those customers. You can even use it to create tasks for your reps to check in with an account or reach out.

For us, we like to use the out-of-the-box Terminus reports in Salesforce to give our SDRs as well as our customer success team a focused way to start their Monday morning on the highest-priority signals in their accounts.

Let us know how you think of using web engagement data within and beyond your account-based marketing programs!