Employee Spotlight: Amber Jedamzik Shows What It Means to Be a SigStar and Trailblazer

Amber first began her career at Sigstr as our Office Coordinator. We envisioned the role being a little bit of everything and she was up for the challenge. She shared an interest in helping the business and applying her talents wherever needed, and with that, she was hired. Amber’s role has span the gamut of administration, legal redlines, collections, invoicing, HR, finance support, reception, event planning, moving coordinator and whatever else that has been thrown her way. In addition to her responsibilities, Amber has also become a trusted friend and resource to our team. Her willingness to support Sigstr and its employees is a true testament and perfect representation of our Sigstr culture.

During a one-on-one meeting we had back in 2017, she told me she wanted to become our Salesforce Admin and planned to get certified. I spent several years working at Salesforce, and fully understand the power of Salesforce Admins or “Trailblazers” as they like to call them. I also have a sincere appreciation for the career opportunities that are out there for those who are skilled Salesforce Admins. They can literally transform the way you run the business. We fully supported her decision as we agreed that it was an important initiative for the success of our business. Amber started doing research into the world of Salesforce certification, networked with other admins online, and started signing up for free training. In no time she was hooked. The role is a great match for Amber as she has always served as a “go-to” for SigStars, enjoys seeking out solutions to make others’ jobs easier, and has an incredible ability to figure things out.

She has worked hard over the past few months to obtain her Salesforce Administration certification. She put in hours of studying on her own, working with other local aspiring admins in the area, and partnering with our sales, customer success, and marketing teams to identify their needs. I have walked by her desk and witnessed her focus firsthand when building out workflows, processes, dashboards, and reports. She has done a phenomenal job of figuring out the best way for the system to be manipulated to accomplish our desired outcome.

Amber’s work allows us to maximize efficiency and capitalize on Salesforce features and benefits in a way we haven’t been able to before. She has stepped up her technical chops in a big way and proven her Salesforce expertise. With her effort, our sales team has been able to better follow deals in the pipeline, our customer success team has had better tracking, our leadership team has more accurate, readily available reports, and the operations team can rest easier knowing it is all in Salesforce.

Thank you, Amber, for all of your work and effort. You are a Trailblazer and SigStar at the same time! Happy Birthday and here’s to your continued success of helping teams run their business on Salesforce!