Product Updates

April 2021 Product Release: Integration Is the New Innovation

Get excited! The Terminus April Release is live on Wednesday, April 21st, and with this release, integration is the new innovation! Customers can now expect powerful integrations with LinkedIn and Pardot, a new Platform API, and so much more. In this release, we are delivering a ton of new innovative features to optimize your ABM strategy and keep you ahead of the game. Let’s dive in.

Our Next-Generation Integration With LinkedIn: Now It’s Personal.

We are further strengthening our partnership with LinkedIn to help our customers to connect to their audience in more personalized ways, and to create incredible ad experiences. And this time…it’s personal. Terminus and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions are back with a new and improved integration with expanded capabilities to meet customers’ needs for larger lists, support for all LinkedIn ad formats, and even better match rates.

Export Terminus Engagement Data With Our Terminus Platform API

Now customers can export their advertising spend and engagement data for reporting and cross-departmental attribution in other systems. With our new API, customers can integrate Terminus into data visualization tools or a data warehouse and augment Terminus metrics with other martech data points for broader stakeholder visibility.

Identify Contacts With Our Pardot Integration

Now customers can sync Pardot lists with Terminus Chat Experiences to drive data-based plays and automatically push engagement data and new leads back into Pardot. Import Pardot lists for increased personalization and segmentation, and sync Pardot lists directly into Chat Playbooks.

Prove ROI for Revenue Influenced With Chat Experiences

Now customers can tangibly see how Chat influences their pipeline with our newest feature: Revenue Reporting for Chat. You can now see Pipeline Influenced (sum of revenue attached to all opportunities influenced by Terminus Chat); Closed Won Influenced (sum of revenue of the deals that have gone Closed Won and initiated a chat); and Meetings Booked (many meetings have been scheduled through Chat) as new metrics to the dashboard.

Ad Insights Is Now GA for All Customers

Get ready, the Advertising Insights report in Measurement Studio is now available for all customers! Now you can explicitly see how your ads are driving brand awareness, lead & opportunity creation, pipeline acceleration, and closed won deals. Also, you have even more actionable insights to plan your next campaign and dive deep into the data to see the impact advertising has on your account-based execution.

Even More

And there’s so much more in this release for you to get excited about and all of these features are available now. See these features in action and learn more about how Terminus can help you bring ABM and sales engagement together seamlessly, generating full-funnel revenue. Learn more by requesting a demo or registering for our upcoming April Product Release Webinar.