August 2019 Product Update: A Brand New Campaign Creation Flow

The late Summer months are here and back-to-school season is in full effect! The Sigstr Product team has been hard at work in the classroom all Summer long, putting in the library hours and drinking gallons of coffee to bring you a brand new Campaign experience and many other exciting features. See what’s new by checking out the details below!

New Campaign Creation Flow

A new Campaign experience is here, bringing additional Campaign types, increased functionality, and more! We’ve also renamed ABM Campaigns to “Targeted” to be inclusive of:

  • 1:1 contact-based targeting
  • Opportunity stage targeting (with your marketing automation smart lists)
  • Traditional account-based targeting

Define Your Audience

It’s now easier than ever to pick your audience for Targeted Campaigns. You can quickly sort, filter, and search for any existing list. Or, if you need to add a new list, easily import any type of list during this process with just a few simple steps.

Banner Management and Tracking

In addition to more audience options, we’ve also completely redesigned the banner management experience. Easily upload multiple banners at one time while giving each individual banner its own name. Add mailto: links or custom URLs to your banner, or select a landing page from your favorite marketing automation platform. And don’t forget – you can also easily add custom UTM parameters for all of your tracking needs.

Review and Test Before Activating

We understand the importance of feeling 100% confident with a Campaign before it’s officially launched. That’s why we’ve put a lot of work into our new Review step! Curious about what each banner will look like with your email signature? Flip through each uploaded banner in the preview box or send yourself a test email to see how your Signature and Campaign appears in an actual email. Double check your work by reviewing any missing attributes and easily schedule a start or end date if it’s time-sensitive. Use all of the options above to ensure the right message is showing to the right person at the right time!

Save a Campaign in Draft Mode and Launch It Later

Marketers are busy, we definitely get it. And sometimes another priority comes up, or you need to start something now and finish it later. Whether you have competing priorities or you’re simply just planning ahead, it’s now possible to start and set up a new Campaign, save it as a draft, and then return to it and launch at a later time.

Coming Soon in September

“But wait, there’s more!” We’re also teasing out the following new Campaign types, which we’ll be launching next month in this experience.

  • A/B Testing: Test and measure multiple banners to determine which is most effective.
  • Default: A fallback Campaign will display when no other rules apply.
  • Shuffle: Add up to 5 different banners to you Campaign, each with their own unique URL.

Real-Time Banner Updates

When composing a new email, the sender can now see their Campaign banner update in real-time when selecting a recipient. Sigstr’s latest and greatest Chrome Extension now supports this handy feature (only available to Gmail customers using Sigstr’s Chrome Extension). Just type in the recipient’s email address and automatically see which banner will appear in your email based on your existing sender-based or audience-based rules.

Salesforce Integration: Revenue Analytics

Measure the impact each Sigstr campaign has on your most important revenue goals! With our new Salesforce integration, you can pull all of your opportunity data into Sigstr to show how much revenue your Sigstr campaigns are generating or influencing. You can find this data on a newly redesigned Campaign Details page, which also includes total and unique click data, engagement trends, and time-based analytics.

Have we missed something in our latest round of updates? Let us know! We want to build a platform that our customers are excited to use. Use the chat in the bottom right of your screen to request early access to these or other features.