Speed, Risk, Reward: The Indy 500 & SaaS Startups

Risking it all at an incredible speed. Why go 245 mph, weaving in and out of other cars, and inches away from a concrete wall? For the incredible reward. For the thrill of the ride (and hopefully a nice glass of milk after it’s over).
It’s May. It’s Indianapolis. It’s the largest single day sporting event in the world (350,000 fans), the Indy 500. Growing up with superheroes like Rahal Andretti, Unser, and Hinchcliffe (my son’s hero) makes Indy natives admire those that risk it all for huge rewards. It’s in our DNA, and a part of the reason why Indy has a thriving marketing tech start-up world.
The risks are different, no doubt. But the principles of joining a SaaS startup are similar. Calculated risk, going really fast, trusting your team, and believing that the journey and ultimate reward are worth it. Thanks to the Sigstr team who believe in the journey and that we will ultimately finish first.
The best drivers have the best teachers. It’s why there are multiple generations of Andretti’s and Unser’s. Thanks to our investors and advisors who meet with us, guide us, and support the Sigstr family.
I’d like to dish out a few more thanks. First, to the Indiana Pacers, for being a great Sigstr customer and hosting my Dad and I at the speedway for a practice day.
Pacers have awesome email signatures Sigstr customer
Arrow has awesome email signatures via SigstrThanks to another Sigstr customer, Arrow Electronics, for sponsoring James Hinchcliffe (and for creating awesome email signatures)!
Thanks to the Indy 500 for giving us superheroes and injecting the fascination of speed and big rewards into our DNA.
Happy race weekend!
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