July 2018 Baltimore HUG Recap: Employee Email and ABM Engagement

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Baltimore HubSpot User Group thanks to the fine folks at Groove Commerce. After touring the Groove office and meeting a few team members, I jumped on stage and shared more about employee email, email signature marketing, and how they can both impact account-based marketing.

Check out the presentation’s main highlights below or watch it here thanks to Groove’s Facebook page.

A New Channel for ABM Engagement

After a quick intro to account-based marketing and what’s typically required from a team with the strategy and execution, we dove into how employee email can help. You see, employee email is the perfect channel to use when starting your ABM journey. It doesn’t disrupt what you’re already doing (sending email and promoting marketing initiatives) and is a quick-win in a sometimes overwhelming ABM world.

What makes the “perfect channel” for ABM? As discussed during the presentation, it starts with volume. Then teams need to consider attention, engagement, and targeting opportunities. If a channel can check off all of those boxes, you have a winner. Here’s why teams today are achieving ABM success with employee email.


Employee email is big. Like, really big. When compared to other channels, there’s no question to who the winner is in terms of daily interactions. 274 billion emails are sent and received everyday! Not only that, the average time an employee spends in their inbox is 6.3 hours.

After learning about the magnitude of employee email, we encourage customers and prospects to think through some math with this question.

“How many emails do my employees send every year?

A Sigstr customer recently went through this exercise and realized they were sending 96 million emails a year as a company. 96 million! And what do each of these emails include? The email signature of course. Once teams see how email signature marketing can unlock this high-volume channel, their thinking shifts from “96 million emails sent” to “96 million marketing opportunities that we may be missing out on”.

Attention and Engagement

Volume? Check. But what about attention and engagement?

Look no further than the “Science of Email Signatures” report. According to dozens of EyeQuant experiments and tests, not only do recipients pay attention to the employee email signature, it can actually make a big impact during one-to-one email interactions. Prominent colors, specific dimensions, calls-to-action, and other design elements can help catch the attention of your email audience. Who knew the employee email signature represented so many layers of engagement?


With all that said, what good is an account-based marketing channel without targeting? ESM actually offers a number of targeting opportunities for sales and marketing teams to reach their most important audience. This includes:

  • By vertical
  • By account
  • By persona (pictured below)
  • By opportunity stage (by syncing Sigstr with your CRM)
  • Syncing any other smart or static lists found within your marketing automation platform of choice

Because Sigstr understands the sender and recipient of each email, teams can ensure relevant and personalized content is delivered in every email sent.

Thank You, Baltimore HUG!

As you can see above, Baltimore HubSpotters learned how employee email checks all of the boxes required for an effective ABM channel. Volume, attention, and even targeting.

A big thanks to the Baltimore HUG for showing up to the Groove office to learn more about this new ABM channel. I sincerely enjoyed the discussion. And a special thanks to the Groove team – I hope to see you all again soon!