Building a Priority List of Targeted Accounts for Account-Based Marketing

The key to flipping the funnel is to focus on accounts, target key decision makers, and advertise to them on their terms. This sounds good in theory, but you might find that hard to actually implement.

Some questions you may be asking yourself are:

  • How do you choose the accounts to focus on out of your entire salesforce?
  • What makes one account more interesting or profitable than another?

In his article “Tips For Building A Priority Account List for B2B Account-Based Marketing” , Peter Issacson, CMO at Demandbase, explains not only methods for targeting the right accounts, but also strategies for segmenting your accounts to personalize your messages.

Our big takeaway here is:

The most important thing to keep in mind is that account-based marketing is a team sport. It has to be a joint effort between the marketing and sales teams.

Here’s a short excerpt from the post:

If you’ve been paying attention to the marketing trade pubs lately or talking to other B2B marketers, you’ve probably noticed a significant trend happening: the rise of Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

Various research studies show that ABM is on fire. More B2B marketers are aware of ABM; more B2B marketers are using an account based marketing checklist and more B2B marketers are having success with ABM.

According to ITSMA, 84 percent of marketers say that ABM delivers higher ROI than any other marketing approach. SiriusDecisions states that more than 60 percent plan to invest in ABM technology over the next year, and a recent Demand Metric report shows that 96 percent of B2B companies believe that ABM has an impact on marketing’s success.

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