Business Services Companies: 4 Email Tips When Communicating With Your Customers

As a business services company, you have a unique challenge as you don’t have a physical product. Instead, you offer superior services or solutions and you rely heavily on the relationships that your sales and customer success teams build.
While many business services brands embrace the power of employee email to communicate with customers, many do not use those emails to their full potential. In fact, a single employee will send, on average, 10,000 one-to-one emails annually, and each email represents an opportunity to drive brand awareness and engagement. Why not use this high powered channel to promote your newsletter, success stories, past projects, events and job fairs, trade shows, and new diverse offerings? Or, win new logos by promoting a referral program to your happy existing customers. Email is a powerful engine for business services company – use it for your brand’s advantage.
To help business service companies fully take advantage of the thousands of emails its employees send each day, we’ve written the below post that’s full of information and tips to maximize every email your employees send.
So let’s get down to email business. Here’s a look at 4 ways that employee email can help your business services company accomplish its marketing goals. And surprise! All of these tips can be implemented in just a few minutes via your employee email signatures:
1. Attract Prospective Customers
Email can intrigue potential customers in a non-obtrusive way. Email isn’t pushy and doesn’t have that same feel as a cold call. Using the email signature area to introduce potential clients to your business is an attractive way for them to learn about what you do on their own terms. For example, include a visual call-to-action to learn more about your organization via a short video about your company or a 2-page overview about your service offerings.
2. Encourage Customer Action
Email is a great way to activate potential customers. You can encourage customers to get quotes, schedule a meeting and set up consultations all through the employee email. These messages should be designed to motivate potential customers into actual customers. In other words, you’re converting leads in paying clients. Try doing this by including a clickable call-to-action that promotes getting in touch with your company by prompting the prospect to “sign up for a webinar”, “set up a consultation”, or “hear a customer success story”. Giving the prospect a way to reach your team without having responding to a sales pitch can pay dividends to your bottom line.
3. Drive Web Traffic
Like many service-based businesses, your website is probably one of your main marketing tools. Rather than hoping your website shows up in search results, you can encourage potential customers to visit your website by promoting specific pages (such as customer success stories, pricing, or upcoming events) via the email signature.
Email is a great routing tool that can lead your customers to your website to learn more about your business and engage with your company. Just make sure you have the right things in place when they arrive so you don’t miss an opportunity.
4. Keep Customers Up-to-Date
Everyone gets busy, but well-timed employee emails can keep your audience informed even when life gets crazy. Emails that keep your clients informed or “in the know” keep your target audience engaged with your business and company. Informative emails can also update customers about upcoming deals, events, open job positions or changes to your service offerings.
Use the email signature as a way to keep your audience informed. Promote your newsletter, upcoming events where you’ll have a booth or a speaker, changes to your current product offerings, or even any recent awards or recognitions. Make sure the signature is always up-to-date so it’s a reliable source to your prospects and customers!
Along with promoting calls-to-action via the employee email signature, ensure that the signature area itself appropriately reflects your brand. For business services companies, your brand is the most important asset in the absence of a physical product. Make sure that all employee signatures have correct formatting, font, social media links, and colors to ensure your brand has its best foot forward when communicating with your company’s most important contacts.
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