Case Study: A&A Logistics Records 20x ROI

A&A is a leading provider of freight, warehousing and customs brokerage services with over 35 years of experience. A&A helps companies or individuals transport items such as goods, machinery, lumber, textiles, autos, retail and more.
In the past, A&A used hyperlinked text in the email signature to link to resources, FAQs, or new service announcements. The employees had to manually update the email signature in order to update the link. Marketing had no way to ensure the update happened, or that it was done correctly, and measuring results was near impossible. Did employees include the link in the signature? Did recipients click or engage?
In August 2015, A&A launched Sigstr as a simple way to utilize employee email for signature marketing campaigns. Every email an employee sends from Outlook now promotes new services and offers helpful resources, and ultimately drives traffic to their website. The company of 120 employees currently has 90 employees using the solution, which is easily managed by one individual, Trevor Carss, Marketing Manager, who uploads a visual campaign into Sigstr, and assigns the campaigns to specific groups across the organization. Trevor can log into Sigstr at any time to see how campaigns are performing.
In just 3 months of using Sigstr, A&A has experimented with several campaigns in order to test which messages resonate best with end recipients. Their campaigns have showcased their warehousing services, offered import/export knowledge for those shipping across borders, and promoted the new A&A website. Currently, the team is promoting their 4th campaign which is focused on customs brokerage services for the U.S. and Canada, as shown below:
A&A began seeing immediate results after starting to use Sigstr – best of all, the team can now track the success of each campaign with definitive metrics, rather than guessing how each is perceived.The warehousing campaign, which was live for just under two months, yielded the team 193,000 displays with 318 clicks. Best of all, A&A now has the ability to track sourced deals that are generated from the employee email signature. Since launch, Sigstr is responsible for influencing approximately $10,000 in new business opportunities! 
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