CEB Sales and Marketing Summit 2015: Day 1 Recap

Two of my favorite aspects of the #FlipMyFunnel movement are:

  • It focuses on developing a great customer experience.
  • It brings sales and marketing together.

The CEB Sales and Marketing Summit 2015 in Vegas is interesting to us for the same exact reasons. We wanted to recap our favorite moments of the first day of the 2015 conference for you here on the Terminus blog. So without further ado, here they are:

The day kicked off with Rick DeLisi, Senior Advisor at CEB, welcoming 1,200 attendees to the event.

As you can see, it was a packed house full of professionals ready to challenge the status quo of B2B sales and marketing.

Here’s an interesting point that was presented in the opening session that shows we still have a lot to learn about the B2B buyer’s journey.

To add to the complexity, the buyer is overwhelmed. Jill Rowley puts it nicely:

The first session of the day was The End of Customer Empowerment, which was presented by Brent Adamson from CEB.

Our first key takeaway from this session was the following, which highlights the need for account-based marketing and reaching your buyers on their terms.

Jill Rowley highlighted this fact as well:

Brent Adamson also challenged us to not only recognize that there are an average of 5.4 people in every buying decision, but also to know who those people are. And we agree! Putting your buyer personas in writing and creating content tailored to each of them is crucial in B2B marketing.

We were also reminded that there is no straight path in the customer journey, which is why the traditional sales and marketing funnel is fundamentally flawed.

Along this zig-zagged journey, buyers are expecting a lot from sellers, and sellers need to be ready to meet those demands.

After Brent reminded us of the challenges customers are having, he asked the audience to describe their recent purchase decision in real-time. They used words like frustrating, complex, and confusing. Clearly there’s much work to be done in order to improve customer experience.

The fact that buyer’s remorse is higher than ever also highlights the need for excellent customer success programs that can turn those customers into advocates.

One way for sales reps and marketers to win in this challenging buyer’s world is to make the process easier.


There are two ways to move forward, according to the presentation: responsive or prescriptive.

The right choice was immediately clear to us: a proactive, prescription strategy makes B2B buying easier.


And in case you were wondering what a prescriptive selling approach looks like, here’s a good definition:

While this was definitely the most impactful session for us, we wanted to share a few other favorite Tweets from the day.


Did you attend the CEB Sales and Marketing Summit this year? What was your biggest takeaway from the event? Let us know in the comments!

Plus, if you’d like to learn more about how you can provide a better customer experience using account-based marketing strategies, download our #FlipMyFunnel Guide to Account-Based Marketing