Chart Industries Uses Account-Based Marketing to Engage Accounts

Identify and reach all the right stakeholders within your target accounts with Terminus account-based marketing.

As the Digital Marketing and Business Development Manager for Chart Industries, Judson Voss and his team operate in a niche industry where repeat customers fuel their business.

“We have a really small customer base and a lot of returning customers,” says Judson. “We don’t have a ton of people that are new customers, and we’re not dumping a bunch of people in the funnel on a regular basis, so we were looking for a solution to help us foster those relationships.”

As a manufacturer of cryogenic equipment, Chart’s sales process can be long and complex, and it involves up to 20 decision-makers all from various departments and levels. “Whether it’s the Vice President that has to sign off on the big things or the guy that’s using the tank and has influence on the final decision,” Judson says, “being able to deliver our message to those different levels is huge for us.”

While there are many stakeholders who influence purchase decisions, the Chart sales team initially may only have one or two points of contact within each company. In those preliminary talks, the POC may be the only way to disseminate the information to the rest of the decision-making team. This leaves a lot of room for misconception of Chart’s value proposition and overall message.

Just like the sales team, Chart’s marketing team struggled to reach those elusive decision-makers, which caused a gap in sales and marketing alignment. And because the specialized nature of their business means they don’t generate a ton of new leads, Judson and his team were looking for a way to focus marketing spend on efforts that engage their current customer base and get marketing and sales on the same page. Judson knew that an account-based marketing and sales approach would help Chart reach and engage those decision-makers and accelerate their sales process, which is why he chose to work with Terminus.

Now that Chart’s marketing team is up and running with Terminus account-based marketing, “we’re starting to bring the sales team in,” says Judson. “We’re able to look at the engagement results and take any traction sales is getting to identify when a customer’s heating up. This allows sales to know when to go back in to talk to somebody.”

Terminus has also helped Chart identify decision-makers within each of their target accounts and deliver a personalized, relevant message to them. Chart’s marketing team supports sales efforts by running Terminus ABM campaigns on all the key contacts within their target accounts. According to Judson, “If a certain campaign is doing well for a customer, we can send that information to the sales rep so that they know to make contact and talk about that specific campaign.”

This air cover from marketing keeps Chart top-of-mind with their customers and helps them stay engaged with each person that has a say in purchase decisions. This is critical with Chart’s long, complex sales process. It has also helped improve the relationship between sales and marketing because everyone is working towards the same goal: driving engagement among decision-makers within their target accounts.

One of the biggest benefits Judson sees in working with Terminus is how easy it is to get account-based marketing campaigns up and running and to track results. Chart has a small team, so having an account-based marketing technology partner that can do a lot of the heavy lifting has increased adoption internally and made it easier for Chart to see results with ABM.

“I like the fact that because we run a small shop here on the marketing side, a lot of leg work is done up front by Terminus. Terminus finds all the individuals that we want to target and manages ad spend and displays. For a shop that’s just a few people, that could take up an entire person trying to get through that leg work manually.”

In using Terminus, Judson has seen success with account-based marketing and realizes how important it is to have the right tools in Chart’s ABM tech stack.

“The ABM Stack Grader gave me a good overall view of how our martech stack lined up with the five ABM stages. I was able to see where we were well covered in regards to engagement, and I was also able to see where we were lacking in advocacy,” he explains. “This led to me think about where that piece is lacking not just in our toolset but also in our post-sales cycle in general. It is always a struggle for us to foster customer advocates and also gather user-created content, so having some suggestions as far as technology is very helpful.”

If you’d like to learn more about how Terminus account-based marketing can help your B2B sales and marketing teams identify and engage the right contacts in your target accounts, let us show you a demo. You can also grade your own ABM stack by clicking the banner below.