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Use Terminus Chatbots to weave in relevant chat conversations that guide buyers through the entire funnel. Sophisticated targeting and routing allows you to build out your existing ABM strategy to proactively reach out to your top accounts at the right time with the right content.

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Transforming the way companies engage with their prospects and customers, Terminus Website Chat provides a more relevant buyer journey the moment someone lands on your website. Convert more qualified visitors, route leads to your sales team faster, and book more meetings with Terminus Chat.

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Chatbots are a tool that many marketing teams use to provide customer service, nurture leads, and push potential customers through the sales funnels. Businesses can choose from many different companies when they are adding a chatbot to their websites, and many chatbots also engage with popular messaging apps.

For instance, there is more than one free chatbot for Whatsapp as well as a free chatbot for Facebook — the ManyChat chatbot is considered one of the best options for Facebook Messenger.  If you’re trying to find the best free chatbot for WhatsApp, you have lots of different options. However, in most cases, the paid chatbots offer more features and customizations.

Many of the big names have gotten into producing chatbots — the Google chatbot is a prime example. However, some chatbots aren’t for marketing. They are just to talk to. The Cleverbot is one of the older examples of a free chatbot to talk to, and the Mitsuku chatbot is also popular.

Chatbot Website

There are several different uses for chatbots, but the main use of chatbot falls into three distinct categories.


Many people look for a free chatbot API just for fun. They want to talk to an artificial intelligence for amusement value or to deal with loneliness. There are all kinds of different chatbot ideas that fall into this category and some of them come with cartoon faces that you can see as you talk to the chatbot.

B2C Websites

Businesses put chatbots on their websites to answer customers’ questions. This is one of the most popular chatbot uses. The chatbot can be programmed to answer basic questions like when your store is open, but a chatbot website can also deal with more complicated customer service issues.

B2B Websites

On B2B websites, chatbots are most popularly used to connect website visitors to the sales team. These chatbots screen and nurture leads, helping sales and marketing teams to find higher quality leads and close more deals.

In all cases, chatbots can be designed with varying levels of complexity, and they can learn as they work. The more they engage with people, the more effective they become at chatting.

Chatbots Examples

The chatbots examples listed above are from different parts of the world. For instance, the team that designed the Mitsuku chatbot was from California, while the developer of Cleverbot was from Great Britain. Chatbots are used around the world for both fun and business purposes as explained above.

There are many famous chatbots in India, in particular. Some of the chatbot examples in India include Gaadi Bot, iPAL Chatbot, Karl Chatbot, TIA Chatbot, and Disha Chatbot. Because chatbot is a relatively new term, many languages around the world use a term that sounds like chatbot instead of having a unique word in their own language.

For instance, the chatbot meaning in Tamil is the same as it is in English, but it’s pronounced as “catbot” and written in Tamil script. There is not really a word that means chatbot in Hindi, but if people want to refer to the chatbot meaning in Hindi, they usually say something like real user conversation or AI conversation.

Best Chatbots For Websites

The best chatbots vary based on how you use them. The best chatbots to talk to for fun are different from the best chatbots for websites for businesses. The fun chatbots often come with their own personality, or they are designed to respond to your personality.

In contrast, the best chatbots for business websites get designed in a way that meets the unique needs of that website. Typically, that process starts with making a script. The developer creates a map of common questions that people are likely to ask and tells the chatbot how to answer them.

As needed, the AI chatbot can transfer the conversation to a human. This process can be so seamless that customers don’t even know when they are transferred to a human, and often, they think they are talking with a human the entire time. By starting the conversation with a chatbot, businesses save money and improve sales and service.

You can learn more by reading user conversations — the best chatbots reddit thread is a great place to get started.

List Of Chatbots

Chatbot technology is constantly changing and improving, and there are always new players entering and exiting this sphere. As a result, if you look at the best chatbots for customer service, the list of chatbots is going to vary based on the year when you look.

Some famous chatbots don’t even exist anymore. For instance, Jabberwocky was an early chatbot but now its website only exists in legacy mode. The best chatbots 2021 include names such as Intercom, Lobster, Chatfuel, MobileMonkey, Aivo, ItsAlive, Imperson, and Bold360.

However, looking at a chatbot names list is not that helpful. Ultimately, if you want to find the right chatbot to support your business, you need to dive into the chatbots features. Some of the elements to consider include ease of implementation and administration, cost, and ability to integrate with your other programs.

Best Chatbot Examples

One of the best chatbot examples right now is the Terminus app. This is one of the few chatbot examples that is designed specifically to help sales and marketing teams. The designer of this chatbot also offers a wealth of resources to help your business become one of the world’s companies with the best chatbots.

To see an example of chatbot app or to look at chatbot script examples, you should check out the content and resources on the Terminus website. You can get ideas on how to develop an effective script, how to use a chatbot to screen and nurture leads, and how to turn real-time conversations into revenue.

Ultimately, a B2C or B2B chatbot isn’t just about fun. It’s about improving the customer experience in a way that drives sales and increases revenue. Terminus’s resources help to guide users through every aspect of that process.

What Is A Chatbot

At this point, you may still be wondering, What is a chatbot? A chatbot application is a program that uses pre-programmed scripts and artificial intelligence to facilitate a conversation between a computer and a human.

For example, if a customer goes to the website for their cell phone company and a small chat box appears at the bottom of the screen and asks what the customer needs, that is an example of a chatbot. Then, the person types in a phrase like “question about my bill”, “phone not working”, or “want to change my plan.” Based on what the human says, the chatbot will ask another question, and the conversation between the person and the chatbot app will continue for a while.

There are tools that can help you build a free chatbot, and if you want to get guidance on how to set up the conversion, you should check out a chatbot conversation flow example. It’s important to keep in mind that not all chatbots are the same. A free chatbot can be a great starting point, but it may not meet your needs as your business grows.

Eventually, most businesses turn to more complex chatbot apps that have built in AI and machine learning. These chatbots get better at conversations over time. They learn how to deal with your customers more effectively with every conversation they have.

Online Chatbot

If you want to get a sense of what it’s like to communicate with a chatbot, you may want to look into some of the online chatbot options that are designed for fun. Some examples of fun chatbots include JokeBot, QuoteBot, Ruuh, Zeev, MeditateBot, and Poncho. There are also chatbots built into websites like CNN and the Wall Street journal that can help you get up to speed on current events.

Many fun chatbots are free to use, and if you’re looking for a free chatbot for fun, you may want to check out some of the examples listed above. Again, however, there are also paid chatbots that can be entertaining to use as well.

People have a range of ‘relationships” with chatbots. Some people just like to interact with them for fun. Others, however, are looking for a best AI chatbot friend. Still others use chatbots so they can talk to a dirty robot online. For example, Personality Forge and Slutbot are examples of adult chatbots. Some chatbots in this category will get dirty right away, but others require you to build up a relationship before they feel comfortable going that direction. This is just another way that chatbots seek to mirror human behavior and provide as realistic of a chatting and relationship experience as possible.

Chatbots Meaning

Now that you understand the chatbots definition and the basics of how they work, you may still be wondering why they are important to businesses. Chatbots perform a vast range of functions. They can hold people on your website longer. They can answer questions and help customers. They take over some functions that were normally handled by humans, and they allow businesses to save money on customer service payroll costs, without sacrificing the level of service.

Chatbots online can also take the place of static forms. Rather than filling out a form, a customer can just answer questions from the chatbot, and that increases the rate of completion. Chatbots can also learn about site visitors and direct them to the best sales rep. They help to ensure that your business doesn’t overlook potential leads.

A chatbot online used to be a luxury for a company, but now it’s a necessity. These tools aren’t just reserved for big businesses. They are highly accessible and affordable and can be integrated into the websites of businesses of all sizes.

The chatbots meaning is an artificial intelligence that can help businesses improve customer service and make more sales. If you are looking for a way to improve these aspects of your business, a chatbot can help. They don’t just work on your website. They can also be programmed to talk to people when they visit your social media sites and other marketing channels.

More Information on Chatbots

If you’re improving your customer service, it may be time to consider the use of chatbots. Let’s take a look at the chatbots definition: a chatbot is an artificially intelligent system that can respond to a customer’s questions without the need for human intervention. What is chatbot technology used most often for? Customer service and information, of course.

Customers often prefer to self-service. They want to be able to find information rather than talk directly to a person. They might need information right away and not be able to contact the company during business hours. But they might not be able to really articulate their question.

The goal of a chatbot is to be able to take the natural language that a person uses and figure out what information they need to find. In doing so, it reduces the burden on human operators. People aren’t going to have to call in or connect with a human CSR. But they still have the option to connect with a CSR if they need to, which means companies don’t lose anything by using a chatbot.

Today, chatbots are more popular on websites than ever before. Even smaller websites may have chatbots which then forward information to the company owners, in the event that the person needs some additional servicing. Because chatbots are so accessible, there’s nothing holding even small companies back from implementing them.

You can look at the chatbot definition Oxford dictionary or the chatbot Wikipedia for additional information regarding the chatbots meaning. Chatbots can vary in terms of intelligence. Some just directly link to help desk articles while others will try to answer questions.

At this point, you might be wondering why you’ve heard of chatbots with some negativity. Not all the chatbots online are for customer service. A chatbot website can have a negative connotation, but that’s not something that’s connected with marketing. Some chatbot technology is used for good. Other chatbot technology is used for evil.

Some chatbot project companies target online dating sites, social media, and other venues, trying to trick people into giving them personal information. Other chatbots are used for customer service, but in the past they weren’t very good. Because of that, people got frustrated using them, and chatbots as a whole got a negative reputation.

But today, chatbots are being used for good rather than evil. Chatbot companies have advanced to the point where they are able to really dig down into what a customer needs and provide them with the resources to solve their problems.

As artificially intelligent solutions become even more advanced, they also become more distracting on social media sites and dating sites. So, people will always have some confusion when it comes to chatbots, and these types of “scammer” chatbots will have a negative connotation. But that’s with any type of technology; there are always both good and bad implementations. The fact that malicious chatbots can easily be confused for humans is really a testament to the effectiveness when they are used for customer relationships.

As a best practice, it’s better to make it clear that customers are connecting with a chatbot rather than a human. Otherwise, they may not realize it and may feel betrayed when they discover the truth.

There are many different types of chatbots examples. Some are AI-powered and some just directly respond to specific keywords with information. Some of them are funny and some of them are dry. Some of them are for knowledge bases, troubleshooting, or to connect customers with products. An AI chatbot can do quite a lot to infuse itself with personality.

Let’s say that someone is trying to make a B2B chatbot. They can start by looking at ecommerce chatbot examples, but what they really want from their AI chatbot is to stand out. Infusing the chatbot with personality, sarcasm, and wit is a great way to do this.

Consider how often people share information about Siri or Google’s reactions to their inquiries. The AI being funny and clever is a selling point. When it comes to B2B eCommerce, many people want to play it safe because they’re scared of alienating their clientele. But there’s a line between “sharp sarcasm” and “trying to talk to a dirty robot online.”

Some gentle humor makes the process of connecting with a chatbot both more memorable and more engaging. Customers don’t want to feel as though they’re just talking to a machine; they want to know that the company has some personality and branding. By coloring the chatbot’s text with the company’s own flavor, they can draw customers in and show them what they’re about.

Think about the fact that a customer service representative often acts as a brand ambassador. CSRs are trained to display the company’s voice, personality, and values, because that’s what draws customers in to interact further with the brand. Thus, chatbots can be the same way, though it requires that the chatbot be trained correctly.

So, now, let’s take a look at some of the more popular chat platforms for B2B businesses. Drift, Intercom, and Terminus Chat are all robust solutions. Free chatbots are hard to come by; most of them offer very limited features and functionality. If you want the best chatbots for websites, you’re going to need to pay for it.

That’s because the best chatbots have advanced technology. Even the best free chatbot doesn’t have the technology that is needed for real, natural language processing. The best chatbots for B2B websites will have the ability to connect the person with a real person associated with their account. It’s an extension of the customer relationship management suites. If a customer has a question that the company’s chat can’t answer, they need to be appropriately directed to the answer.

A chatbot free or chatbot website free isn’t going to be able to deliver this. It can answer some rudimentary questions, but it won’t be able to directly connect the user to a customer service agent, and the potential sale could be lost. It’s worth it to purchase premium solutions because these premium solutions are far more likely to drive additional sales. Their ROI is higher and thus they pay for themselves.

There are B2B, B2C, and even non-commercial chatbots out there; there’s a whole list of chatbots depending on what you want to do. You could get the Alice chatbot for “therapeutic” support, an anime chatbot, a chatbot in Python, or a chatbot in Java. It all depends on the features that you need in the chatbot.

Let’s take a look at some chatbot examples Python, Java, and more, including cloud-based chatbot services, and eCommerce systems.

  • Eliza chatbot. This was one of the earliest chatbots, designed to make it less than obvious that the user was talking to a non-human. It asks questions that a therapist might ask. It’s for fun rather than for commercial use, but it was the progenitor of many other types of chatbot.
  • Mitsuku chatbot or Kuki chatbot. Known as both names, this chatbot has broken records for being the best conversational chatbot. It’s frequently used to give the illusion of natural human conversation, rather than for eCommerce purposes. The Mitsuku chatbot API or the. Mitsuku chatbot game can be downloaded and the Mitsuku chatbot source code can be altered.
  • Rose chatbot. This chatbot won the artificial intelligence prize from Loebner in 2015. It’s a concierge that provides a branded experience and is excellent for both B2B and B2C sales.
  • Replika chatbot. This is another natural language chatbot that is designed to provide realistic conversations to people through an app. It can be trained to respond in specific ways.

These chatbots are primarily for recreational purposes, as a chatbot that has to be used for recreational purposes is going to be more advanced and in-depth than one that is for commercial enterprises. For a commercial enterprise, no one is trying to trick someone into believing that the chatbot is a person. Rather, they’re just trying to deliver information in a way that the person can understand, and also parse information in natural language so that the person doesn’t need to figure out a specific search query on their own behalf.

Those who want to experiment with a chatbot for fun can use a Mitsuku download or compare Mitsuku vs Replika and other systems. But those who want a B2B solution should invest in an entire account-based chat platform. When chatbots are tied into a system such as the Terminus Chat solution, they are able to better serve customers because they can better give them what they need and preserve information about their history.

What are some of the best chatbot examples? Which are the best chatbots 2020 — and which are just the best chatbots to talk to? Chatbot technology varies so significantly across the spectrum. There are some chatbot script examples that can be studied and improved upon and some chatbot website examples that give details on how to alter the chatbot for a specific company. There are many different use cases for a B2B chatbot, so the best chatbot for your needs depends on what you want to do.

If you just want to be able to connect people to the information that they need, then you need a different type of chatbot than if you’re trying to replicate a regular human chat. Here’s some of the best practices you might consider.

  • Being able to chat from anywhere. This is a benefit to accessibility. Terminus Chat can be connected to through email, landing pages, social media, advertising, and more.
  • Booking meetings. Being able to book meetings, reserve equipment, make purchases, or otherwise commit to things through a chat is an excellent way to secure sales.
  • Create a content hub. Customers should be able to easily connect with content through the chat, such as a knowledge base system that allows them to find the answers to their problems.
  • Escalate inquiries. When customers are ready to commit or want to talk to a real person, they should be able to. This reduces the chances they can get frustrated because they can’t get information.
  • Add personality. A brand without personality isn’t a brand at all. A chatbot is often the first line of contact.

Terminus provides a complete system which also includes Terminus Chat. It can be demoed to find out more information.