Terminus Names Enterprise Software Veteran as Chief Marketing Officer

Hi. I’m Daniel Incandela, the new CMO of Terminus. I may be the only CMO with a degree in Anthropology, but it has served me well. Marketing is all about storytelling and understanding humans – so that’s been my approach throughout my career. This journey has taken me from the museum field to auto racing and software. I have found my home in SaaS, having worked at ExactTarget, Salesforce, Return Path, Conga and now Terminus. It is great to be here.

I like kung-fu movies, sneakers, hip-hop, photography and helping companies achieve incredible growth. Speaking of growth, Terminus has been on quite a run and has experienced a remarkable 2020. They’ve broken revenue records each quarter this year and were just named to the 2020 Deloitte Fast 500 list with a not-too-shabby 524% growth rate. Now that I’m part of Terminus, I’m excited to help our customers grow and solve complex marketing challenges.

This week, Sangram Vajre (Terminus co-founder) sent me a welcome DM over Twitter – which was very nice. The last DM he sent me? Iin 2015, when he wanted to pitch me on a start-up idea he had. Drumroll please…..Terminus. I have followed Terminus since the beginning – partly because of Sangram, partly because they were founded in Atlanta (I am a Braves fan) and more importantly, as a customer.

Being a marketer is never easy and 2020 has only made things more difficult. With greater scrutiny on budgets and a challenging work environment, I was unsurprised to see that COVID caused a huge increase in brand-new ABM programs. But here’s the thing: ABM isn’t making things easier, it’s making them more focused and efficient. When companies focus on a finite, strategic list of future customers they become a solid foundation for revenue growth, outperforming traditional inbound programs. It requires discipline, organizational alignment, and a new way of thinking about marketing programs and measurement. As CMO, helping other marketers through that adaptation is one of the things I’m most excited about. Marketing is not easy and we should be held accountable. That’s why I want to help.

Joining Terminus was an easy decision. I’ve mentioned some of the reasons above, but here’s a little more perspective.

  • Marketing to marketers is about as fun as it gets (and difficult) – and I love challenges.
  • 2020 has required marketers to pivot and reinvent and this is ongoing. Terminus will help all of us do that.
  • Terminus is driven by its culture and people – sign me up!
  • The first CMO I ever worked for was a man named Tim Kopp, who is now CEO at Terminus. And I get to work with some other former colleagues and friends.
  • They also seem to talk a lot about dogs, which is fine by me. If you’d like to see pictures of my Bullmastiff Winston, please let me know.

I am humbled to join this company, a superb leadership team, a supportive board and an incredibly talented group of marketers. I am convinced we will help revolutionize the way marketers develop and deliver their campaigns and strategies. The time has come.

To the entire Terminus nation of customers and employees, I can’t wait to get to work for you.