Connected Account Experiences

Create and convert pipeline with more ways to identify your target buyer, reach them across all channels, and engage them with the full force of your sales and marketing teams.

Identify your buyers.

Harness your first party data in a single platform to optimize your ABM strategy. Unlike other ABM platforms, this owned data is never static and gets stronger with every interaction and with every channel you add.

Reach your buyers.

Reach digital buyers with the only native, multi-channel ABM platform. Launch coordinated messaging across any screen, on any device.

Engage your buyers.

Create connected account experiences across your marketing and sales channels and engage with buyers from wherever you are working.

How to Identify, Reach, and Engage Your Buyers

A Terminus Guide on how to create, accelerate, and close more pipeline with connected account experiences. This resource includes use cases, examples, case studies, strategic best practices, and tactical how-to steps.

Work from anywhere. Buy from anywhere.

Work from home has never looked more profitable.

Don’t miss out on pipeline opportunities because of disconnected teams and account experiences. Terminus can help you identify your buyers wherever they are, reach them on any screen they use, and engage them right away with the marketing and sales automation tools that you and your teams use everyday.

Terminus Identity

Leverage trustworthy multi-channel ABM data and exceptional match rates to target accounts across the WFH marketing landscape.

Connected TV

Drive engagement on high intent channels with targeted advertising and visually stunning videos on supported streaming platforms like Hulu.

Audio Advertising

Two out of three people consume more audio content monthly than any other channel. Generate interest, drive search volume, and increase brand awareness with Audio ads.

Chat and Email Integrations

Activate your GTM teams to build pipeline with Terminus Chat and Email Experiences. Increase outbound email response rates with prospects and customers by 265% with Chat From AnywhereTM and turn every email into an advertisement with dynamic email signatures.