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Conversion Optimization: It’s Science!

Science and marketing come together, as Conversion Optimization “Evangelist”, Brian Massey joins our special guest host, Casey Cheshire to preach all things Conversion! 

Brian and his team at Conversion Sciences are churning out some impressive conversion testing techniques and clients are seeing results! 

So what’s their formula? 

Well, it’s 1 part respect for the data. 

2 dashes of taking the time to focus on getting creative. 

It’s 1 overflowing cup of tapping into the creative and fearless child we all once were. 

Sprinkle in some hardcore experience in the marketing trenches, and VOILA! Conversions, optimized!

Two guys take a cognitive test. 

One is wearing a lab coat, the other is wearing a Kobe jersey.

What will their cognitive test scores look like?

Well, the guy in the Kobe jersey scores 110 and the guy in the lab coat scores 128.7.

But guess what?

They are the same guy!

Wait, what? 

According to research done by the team at Conversion Sciences, the mere fact that for one of the test-taking sessions the subject put on a lab coat instantly shoots his cognitive test score up 17%. 

The systematic influence of clothing on the wearer initiates a psychological shift that makes them think they are smarter than they are, and thus, boosts their scores up 17% on average! 

If a garment can have so much impact on people, what other information can we unearth to help us optimize conversion rates?  

This is exactly what we find out in this takeover episode of Flip My Funnel!

Don your lab coat and join Brian and Casey as they dissect Conversion strategies!

Think BIG

Remember the Tom Hanks movie, Big? Tom’s character Josh is transformed into an adult overnight after he makes a wish to “be big.”

Silliness ensues as he figures out how to navigate life with a young mind and adult body, but it also displayed some really valuable lessons. 

Bringing the innocence of a young boy into the adult corporate world shone a light on how often we get caught up in the minutia. 

As a kid, he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. He wasn’t afraid to be wrong. He didn’t care if C-level Karen didn’t like his opinion. When it came to evaluating a new toy the company wanted to launch he basically told everyone that it sucked. No fear. Why be afraid? It did suck!

Take chances. 

It can’t always be the safe choice. As marketers we are creative, intuitive individuals.

We rely heavily on data, analytics, calenders, formulas, and the like. And the structural aspects of marketing is very valuable. But, if we never challenge ourselves by trying new things and just stick to the same old, same old, our brand becomes stale. 

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from being creatively brave. If your brand is so fragile that one bold ad buy or one ramped up campaign is going to shake it to its core, then you have a lot more to worry about overcoming fear. Go for it!

Dissecting the customer journey

Now that we have established it’s time to flex that creative muscle, let’s dig into how to marry that with some conversion techniques. Conversion Sciences has done a ton of research and developed some really bright approaches to make sure your efforts = results.  

When we track a customer’s journey, we don’t always know what is a cause and what is just an effect.

Is it: “I know what I’m looking for, I’m ready to buy, and a search is the quickest way to get there.” or “I don’t know what I’m looking for, I’m not ready to buy, so I’ll do a quick search and see where I land?” 

As experimenters, Brian Massey and the team at Conversion Sciences spend a lot of time pulling buyer behaviors apart, finding correlations, and then seeing if they can use that correlation to optimize conversion rates. Using science-based-data. 

Conversion optimization. It’s science!

Incorporating AI into your analysis techniques is just, well… SCIENCE! 

Having science-backed, CRO-powered AI analyzing your entire funnel for visitor context, machine learning, predictive analytics, and so on, gives you data-accelerated revenue traction. 

It’s invaluable having an in-depth understanding of your customer behavior from start to finish. 

Having some futuristic type analytics on hand definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Big data. The Internet of Things (IoT). Wearable devices. Voice Search. Artificial Intelligence. Augmented reality. Machine-Learning Algorithms.

The future is here. 

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This special takeover episode of Flip My Funnel  was hosted by Casey Chesire -Marine, Author, Adventurer, Founder of Cheshire Impact and Host of The Hard Corps Marketing Show

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