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If Back to the Future Characters Had Email Signatures

Here at Sigstr, we love our fictional characters and enjoy imagining what their email signatures would look like. That said, we’re back with another post about movie characters and their email signatures. I love Back to the Future – it’s undoubtedly the best film franchise of all time. When I was asked to contribute to Sigstr’s blog, I knew exactly what I wanted to write. I know, for a fact, if these folks were alive in 2016 they’d each have a pretty cool email signature.

Doctor Emmett Brown

Doc, the unsung hero of Hill Valley, just finished up his latest time traveling adventures with his family and was invited to Harvard to talk about some of his research. This cool email signature is oddly eclectic, yet calculated.

Sigstr cool email signature example 1


Strickland is an enigma to the students of Hill Valley High. He’s always acting grumpy and calling students “Slackers.” He also seemingly hasn’t aged a day in the last 30 years. Strickland has a “Nickel’s worth of free advice” for everyone which is why he’s written a guest editorial for the Telegraph. His email signature is clean and dull – just like himself, apart from that painful disclaimer. Are we surprised that Strickland would have one of those off putting and highly unnecessary disclaimers in his email signature?

Strickland cool email signature example

Biff Tannen

Biff is an all around butt-head. He and his gang call the shots at Hill Valley High School, so getting on their bad side is not the best idea. He’s using his email signature to find some new cronies. Biff doesn’t use correct capitalization or spelling – his writing is… not good (George does all his homework).

Cool email signature biff Sigstr

George McFly

George McFly has found success in writing Sci-Fi novels including the book everybody’s raving about – A Match Made In Space. This week, he’s stopping by Cafe 80’s for an exclusive book signing. Tickets are going fast – get yours today! George keeps it simple with his cool email signature, touting his acclamation and advertising his mailing list.

cool email signature George Mcfly

“Goldie” Wilson

After working in a diner for several years, Goldie went to night school and worked his butt off to become “The Most Powerful Man In Hill Valley.” He proved everyone wrong by becoming the mayor, and now he’s running for re-election. A vote for Goldie is a vote for honesty, decency and integrity! Goldie has quite a few calls-to-action here, including a personal story and a call-to-arms for volunteers, all in addition to his campaign. Goldie is big on building brand awareness!

goldie cool email signature

Marty McFly

Oh Marty. This slacker, wannabe rockstar and amateur time traveler just can’t seem to catch a break. After bombing out of the Hill Valley Battle of the Bands, Marty is turning to the road as a means to get famous. Marty’s email signature says it all. He wants you – to book The Pinheads at your next party. They’re “pretty darn loud” as Huey Lewis once told him but they’re pretty darn good, too.

Marty cool email signature Sigstr

Let us know if you think we got their email signatures right and what you would add! Better yet, you could make your own Back to the Future Email Signature or Campaign and send it to us. We’d love to see them!

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