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Creating Customer Success Through Effective CTA’s

The success of your company is fundamentally entwined with the success of your customers. If your customer is a rock star using your product, they’ll keep using it and, in turn, you will succeed. At its core, that’s what we do as customer success managers. We make sure our customers are able to nail their next big event, boost lead-generation, improve conversions, get the promotion they’ve been pining after, go on the family vacation they’ve been saving for, pay for their kid’s ballet lessons. Customer success is exactly as it sounds, it’s creating success in partnership with our customers.

So as a customer success manager, what can I do to help drive home the message of achievement to my client list? I spend a large chunk of my day in my email chatting back and forth with my customers. I’m their point of content when putting out fires. When implementing our solution, sharing new marketing materials and updating them on new features and functionalities within our platform.

Because I’m already talking with them, I’m able to use my own product to connect deeper. Sigstr campaigns are another touch-point for customer success managers when you’re distributing pivotal content to an audience you’re already reaching on a daily basis.

While the design of a campaign is important, the content and effective CTA’s are what drive my customers’ interest to get them what I know they need to see. I’ve found, as a customer success manager, there are three themes to the core content my team has the most success with in a campaign: training, education and inspiration. 

This trifecta of content empowers our customers to use our solution at a higher level and helps in creating an open line of constant communication.


The better trained your customers are, the more efficient they become in their jobs. As customer success managers, we’re tasked with holding our customers accountable in understanding the application and implementation of our solution.

We teach our customers to fish so they can feed themselves for a lifetime.

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By teaching a customer how to do something once, they’re able to repeat the action again and again. Our goal is to help influence our customers to become self-sufficient, and ultimately more efficient. Customers should still lean on us for guidance in tricky circumstances, but it’s our job to empower them. And to help them to feel more comfortable taking the reins.

By including effective CTA’s to tutorials, webinars, how-to content and instructional marketing material, customers are becoming more informed on how to use our application. This creates a feeling of partnership as we work hand-in-hand to meet and exceed their business expectations. And, it helps cut the amount of service requests we’re fielding, allowing us to help them with the trickier problems better and faster.


I use campaigns to highlight product, service and industry news. It’s my job to make sure they’re using the application to its fullest capabilities, and they’re fully in-the-know when new product release information is available. And, putting effective CTA’s into my email signature means they’re able to see it without the content getting lost.

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Creating campaigns highlighting services allows customers to see offerings they’re not aware of yet, like design or implementation packages. And adding industry news or information can help customers to keep their business in perspective to the ever-changing industry standards. The better we educate customers on applications they’re using, the more value they’ll see in its use. The more value I can provide, the better they can do their job.


Inspiring your audience should always be a theme as you are working to create your effective CTA’s. If you are not inspiring your customers in some fashion, what is the point? You’ll fail to reach them on an emotional level, and you’ll see less engagement. 

Think about the problems you are solving for your customers, then align your content strategy to close their gaps. Show examples of other customers’ designs (as long as they’re not competitors!) that are performing exceptionally well, link them over to a particularly innovative blog post.

If you can encourage your audience to do more in partnership with your business, the better served they are. And, the more likely you will see conversion.

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