Culture + Talent Recruitment with Email Signature Marketing

Hiring the right people at the right time is crucial to driving the growth of a company. As a talent recruiter, you are not trying to draw attention to a company’s product/service, but rather the company and its unique culture. In the Economist’s review of Charles Ellis’ book What it Takes: Seven Secrets of Success from the World’s Greatest Professional Firms, it was stated that the best firms are “fanatical about recruiting new employees who are not just the most talented but also the best suited to a particular corporate culture.” Promoting company culture is a key component in the recruiting process. Herein lies the company culture-sharing conundrum: what is the most engaging and efficient way for talent acquisition teams to share company culture via traditional recruiting channels?

A recent LinkedIn article entitled The Power of Visual Storytelling in Email Marketing by Judy Chen speaks of the importance of including visuals in email marketing initiatives. The key takeaway from this article is “Don’t try to go overboard.” Email signatures, which are included in every single business email sent (think Google Mail or Outlook), are an ideal space to capitalize on this opportunity and turn job candidates or even prospects into employees. Sigstr allows talent acquisition teams to take advantage of this space at the bottom of every single business email sent and manage it effectively. By injecting marketing call-to-actions into each employee signature, recruiters are ensuring that they are engaging prospects with their company culture automatically – in every email touch point. An Indianapolis-based company is currently promoting their company culture via this Sigstr campaign.

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This image hosted in their signatures routes the recipient to their team page. This does an exceptional job of portraying the humor and fun-loving nature of their company culture that has become their DNA. Sigstr’s email signature marketing campaigns allows to measure the success of this campaign through real-time analytics, which enables to gage the effectiveness of utilizing the Sigstr campaign in their recruiting and sales efforts. The campaigns are automatically attached to each employees’ email signatures and can be updated in just a few clicks, ensuring the brand and message is always up-to-date.

We know your company has its own DNA – those things that are woven into every thread of who you are. Want to see firsthand how you can promote that special company culture and increase the efficiency of your talent acquisition team? Get started with your Sigstr free trial today.