So You Just Became a Sigstr Customer – Now What?

So, you’ve gotten to know a member (or two!) of our fabulous Sales team, seen a demo of the platform, have all of your front-end questions answered, crossed the t’s, and dotted the i’s (lower case j’ for all you Wayne’s World fans out there). Congratulations! You are now a member of the Sigstr family! We’re delighted to have you with us.

And after the dust has settled, the digital ink has dried, and the streamers have been swept up, you’re probably asking yourself: What now?

At Sigstr, we love onboarding new customers. And we understand that you likely have some questions about how you’re going to go from new customer to expert Sigstr Admin. Use this blog post as a guide on “what to expect” from our wonderful Customer Success team! We are here to make you look like a Sigstr rockstar.

The Kickoff Call

Once you’ve passed along a few creative assets to your assigned Sigstr Account Executive (needed for your shiny new email signature and first Sigstr campaign), he or she will schedule a 60-minute kickoff call.

This conversation is a favorite milestone for your AE, your Implementation Manager, and your Customer Success Manager. It helps everyone on the Sigstr team get acquainted with you, our dear customer, and your IT and Marketing teams!

By the end of this kickoff call, all parties will be aligned on the steps needed for completion from both the IT and Marketing sides. Also from this call, the first of many you will have with your CSM, you will get the “creative wheels” turning. That way, when implementation is complete and you’re ready to launch your first Sigstr campaign, you and your team will know exactly which important marketing initiative to promote first. Boom! Look at that?! At this point you will already be on your way to becoming a Sigstr pro.


After the Kickoff Call has commenced, we’re off and running! Our Implementation team will consult with your team to help manage your organization’s implementation process with a goal of full adoption by the end of the 45 days after kickoff. Throughout the project, we will advise you on best practices and a clean order of operations to roll Sigstr out, while highlighting three key principles along the way:

1. Time to Value

“The ultimate goal of our team is to find the perfect balance between time to value and delivering an excellent customer experience. We’ll work hard to find a process that works best for our customers in the most efficient way possible. We try to limit implementation to hours and days, rather than weeks.” – Joe Godsil, Director of Implementation

2. Adoption

“Full adoption ensures a higher yield of results with campaigns and therefore, a higher return on the revenue that Sigstr can drive. The best way to reach full adoption with your users is to start with the end in mind. Put in the effort up front to build out the changes in your organization with our pre-built communication templates and best practices. The more planning your team does up front, the more successful and cleaner the results!” – Tanner Brumbarger, Implementation Specialist

3. Customer Experience

“In today’s digital landscape, mediocre transactional customer service can’t happen. I love being a part of Sigstr because even during the implementation process, we strive to create a customer experience that makes the implementation stage run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.” – Nate Tyler, Implementation Manager

Once we have completed the 45-day implementation process, your Implementation Manager will roll off the account and your CSM will be your full-time point of contact for all things Sigstr.

Customer Success

The primary goal of Sigstr’s Customer Success Managers is to help you see the value of your investment. As we like to say around the office, our goal is to get you promoted! We do so by helping you set and achieve goals with Sigstr, keeping you informed on new product updates, ensuring that you’re equipped with best practices, and applying our expertise to help you get the most out of your partnership with Sigstr. Your CSM is here to make you and your team successful, and each of us has a favorite part of the Sigstr Customer Experience.

Brooke, Kelly, and Heidi are a part of Sigstr’s customer success team (and visit corn mazes during their free time). They’re cool human beings and love helping Sigstr customers succeed!

“I love being able to help our clients with their campaign strategy! Being able to help teams get creative and promote their most important initiatives with Sigstr is both fun and rewarding.” – Brooke Boys, Customer Success Manager

“I am super passionate about working together with my customers to identify goals and a plan of attack! The customer should always feel like a superhero and Sigstr is the sidekick.” – Heidi Jones, Customer Success Manager

“We’re here to make sure that you’re empowered and ready to leverage all of the amazing capabilities Sigstr has to offer. Throughout the implementation process – and beyond – we’re here to train you and guide you on new features, best practices, and strategy.” – Kelly Smith, Customer Success Manager

“There is nothing that makes me happier than watching my customers blow away both personal and professional goals! I love getting to be a part of creating those goals and setting them up for success.” – Emma Jensen, Customer Success Manager

“One of my favorite parts of working with Sigstr customers, especially new ones, is seeing them achieve early success. Helping customers get that first big win is so exciting because it’s the gateway to even more use cases and becoming more sophisticated with tracking and targeting. This inevitably leads to surpassing the goals that we set and celebrating their success time and time again!” – Zane Anderson, Customer Success Manager

At Sigstr, our goal in onboarding is to help you get up to speed as soon as possible. Not only that, we want you to stay at that speed for the long haul, so you can celebrate your wins time and again. We know it can feel like there’s a lot to learn once you become a customer, which is why we want you to know we’re here every step of the way!

If you’re already a customer and this has brought up some new ideas, feel free to reach out to your CSM, or reach out to [email protected]! If you’re interested in becoming a Sigstr customer, start up a conversation in the lower right of your screen and a friendly Sigstr team member will chat you back in no time.

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