What Customer Success Means to Sigstr

Here at Sigstr, we have an outstanding product, and we have great faith in what we’ve created. In any buying process, that product can sometimes overpower all other aspects of the user experience. We don’t think that should be the case, however, because we are proud to offer a best in class customer experience on top of that quality product. Customer Success is a value that everyone at Sigstr takes seriously, and every department plays a role in making sure that you are successful once you join us as a customer.

We encourage you to think through the post-purchase experience. How will you learn to use the product? Who will train you? How will you know if you’re successful? What resources do you need to meet your goals?

Here at Sigstr, we are committed to providing a Customer Success experience that makes you a rockstar. Our team will rally around you to help you perfect your campaign strategy, achieve return on investment, and blow away your personal, professional, or team goals.

The How

After you’ve signed with Sigstr, our Customer Success team is there to welcome you to the family. First, our Implementation team works closely with you and your IT team to install Sigstr across your organization and go live. They collaborate closely with your Account Executive to understand your needs and ensure a smooth transition.

After Implementation, one of our Customer Success Managers serves as your main point of contact to make sure we understand your goals, help with training, and guide you in strategy. Finally, our Support team is available to answer any questions or solve any possible issues in a timely and efficient manner.

These three components make up our Customer Success Team, and we work hard to provide a cohesive, seamless experience for you from the moment you join Sigstr. Your success is our success!

Brent Patrick, Sr. Marketing Manager from Scale Computing, explains how his team has worked with Sigstr to development a successful long-term partnership.

The Who

The CS team at Sigstr is close-knit and collaborative group with extensive experience. I’ve served in Customer Success leadership roles for 14 years, and our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and industries. We’re all united around a common goal of helping you do incredible things.

At Sigstr, you’ll never feel a lack of personal connection. Our team is made up of dog lovers, concert addicts, Arsenal fans, avid readers, football coaches, and more – you’ll always know you’re dealing with a human, and we’ll always treat you like one, too.

Sigstr’s Core Values

Signature Rule: We intentionally place the interests of our customers, our communities, and each other before our own.

Believe Big: If something we’re working on seems impossible, it means we are on the right track.

Celebrate Success: We focus relentlessly on helping our customers and employees achieve success. When we succeed, we celebrate.

Stay Authentic: We show how much we care by being honest and transparent in everything we do.

These Core Values define everything we do here, and they’ve informed our own CS team “values” as well.

Enriching Experiences

Customer Success works with each and every customer to enrich their experience and ensure they see value. Our product can do a lot – we’re here to train you on how to leverage it best, to advise you on strategy, and to set goals alongside you. Our team has experience with hundreds of accounts, and we see day in and day out what works, what doesn’t, and how we can help you maximize your investment. Our expertise is at your service to help you in any way that we can.

Listen to the Voice of Customers

As the closest point of contact to current customers, our Customer Success team takes feedback from you very seriously. We serve as a conduit of that feedback to the rest of the business, relaying your insights to the Product team, Leadership, Sales, etc. We are constantly asking for feedback from our customers. As the people living in our product every day, your suggestions are key and we work hard to make sure we’re providing an experience that’s optimized for your success.

Make Our Customers Heroes

Our final CS value is perhaps the most important. We want to make you look like a rockstar. You, the human on the other end of this screen, who’s perhaps thinking through whether Sigstr is right for your business. We are trained guides – but you are the hero of the story. Sigstr is here to help you be successful, look amazing, and reach your goals, whatever those may be. We’ll help you set up campaigns and lay out a strategy. We’ll set goals with you and track toward those together to make sure you’re seeing ROI. And you can be sure that we’ll celebrate success with you when those targets are hit.

At the end of the day, Sigstr is about people. That’s what the Signature Rule is there for – to remind us to focus on helping each other succeed. We want everyone in the Sigstr family – employees, partners, and customers – to be empowered and enabled to blow away their personal and professional goals. Our Customer Success team is here to make sure that you’re on the right track to do just that.

Customer Quotes We’re Gushing About

“Aside from having a great email signature platform, Sigstr’s service and customer support is second to none. I really appreciate that Sigstr is extremely responsive and always eager to help. When I felt like I had hit a stall with my campaigns, my customer success manager helped me brainstorm some unique campaigns and facilitated some design help. I was able to get started with the new campaigns much sooner with Sigstr’s help. Sigstr isn’t just a platform, they are a partner in email signature marketing.” – Emma Sepke, Protexture

“I love how responsive the sigstr team is to questions that I have or those that come from our users. It really makes me happy to see sigstr take the user experience so seriously!” – Kristen, Symplr

“Sigstr is super easy to use and their support is top notch!” – Caitlin Bitts, California Closets