December 2019 Product Update

“The best way to spread holiday cheer is building new Sigstr features for customers far and near.” Okay so maybe this is a slightly revised version of Will Ferrel’s famous Elf quote, but we’re making it our own with this Product Update. In this December lineup you’ll find shiny new campaign types, advanced analytics reports, our newest integration, and much more! So grab your hot cocoa, curl up by the fireplace, and read about all of our new features below.

New Campaign Types

Shuffle Campaigns

Another highly requested campaign type is here – Shuffle! Shuffle provides marketers the ability to use up to 5 different banners for a campaign, where each one can promote something different (and point to different URLs). Promote an ebook, webinar, and the latest blog post all with one campaign. The banners are randomly rotated so email recipients will see fresh content each time. Sigstr provides analytics for each banner so you can see the performance of each ad over time.

This campaign type is ideal for marketers who have multiple initiatives to promote all at the same time, and each with the same priority level. Now you can keep the call-to-action fresh with each email your team sends out and execute a balanced promotion strategy. Learn more details and how to create a Shuffle campaign here!

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Default Campaigns

That little piece of digital real estate below your email signature is valuable, so you never want it to be blank in any email your team members send out (especially if it’s to an important customer or prospect). Ensure that you never miss another marketing opportunity by setting up a Default campaign. Think of this campaign type as a “fallback plan” in case you accidentally forget about a scheduled campaign ending or miss assigning an employee group to another campaign. Rest easy knowing a Default campaign will always be there, ready to display in case something happens. Learn more about Default campaigns here.

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New Campaign Reports

What marketer doesn’t love analytics and reports? We now have 4 downloadable CSV reports that you can find on the Campaign Details page. These different reports provide views into analytics by day, analytics by employee, most engaged recipients, and a detailed view of every campaign click.

Do you prefer to have these analytics via API? We’ve got you covered with Sigstr’s Campaign Analytics API.

New “Targeted” Campaign Workflow

Over the past few months, we have been updating our campaign workflow to make this process easier and more intuitive. With the new Targeted campaign workflow, it has never been easier to sync and assign contact and account lists to campaign banners to ensure that your audience is getting the most relevant content in every email sent by your team.

Pardot Integration

If you are a Pardot user, then you’ll definitely want to check out this new integration! Sync Prospect Lists directly from Pardot to Sigstr to use for targeted campaign banners (by account, location, industry, vertical, or even persona). Synced Prospect Lists will stay up to date in Sigstr as prospects are added or removed.

Sigstr admins also have the choice of creating new prospects directly in Pardot if they don’t already exist. If an email recipient clicks on a Sigstr campaign banner, Sigstr can create a new prospect for you! This is another great way to see who is interacting with content while generating new prospects. Find more about our Pardot integration here!

Personalized Salesforce Opportunity Matching

If you are a Salesforce power user, you are undoubtedly interested in how marketing activities, like Sigstr, are impacting your team’s open opportunities. And when you connect your Salesforce account to Sigstr, we can show you how Sigstr has influenced your pipeline. Not only that, you can now customize which accounts and domains show up (or don’t show up) in this section of your campaign analytics. Organize your data are the accounts that matter most and hide the ones that are less important! Learn more about connecting Sigstr with your Salesforce Opportunity data here.

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Auto SSL Certificates

Provisioning and managing SSL certificates can be a hassle and costly endeavor. Sigstr now provides a way to automatically provision and manage your secure traffic. One less thing for you as a marketer to worry about when using Sigstr!

Have we missed something in our latest round of updates? Let us know! We want to build a platform that our customers are excited to use. Use the chat in the bottom right of your screen to request early access to these or other features.