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Design Creative Email Signatures Like a Pro

What’s your visual style? In the B2B space, brands have become visual storytellers, creating content with a greater emphasis put on style and design to create a more compelling visual storyline. Through telling your story with design, it’s become a marketer’s marvel that lends a lighthearted visual punch line to a story that may have otherwise lost its lure.  It’s happening on visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and it’s been applied to ebooks and case studies. Now, we’re helping you to incorporate design to craft creative email signatures as a way to drive marketing ROI.

But how do you know what works? What images are the most eye-catching? Which colors resonate with a viewer best. What kind of files should you use? Where should the CTA go? How do campaigns work in the email signature? What does success look like?

Tune into our webinar to learn how to design a creative email signature that will drive engagement and produce real marketing ROI.

Presenters: Michael Auer & Kolby Coy

When: Wed., Nov. 16, 2016, 2 P.M.

Length: 60 minutes

In this webinar, you’ll learn the secrets to designing Sigstr campaign banners like a pro, from our pros, to help your content resonate with your audience. From understanding the elements of a successful campaign to managing a campaign strategy, you’ll walk away with ideas to create salient styles to put into your human-readable emails (read: not your just your email marketing campaign).


Michael Auer is the lead designer at Sigstr. He’s the mastermind behind our design services and brings together content, web design and digital events to engage audiences through visual storytelling. Michael designs creative email signatures and campaigns with, and for, customers daily. And he’s produced more than 1000 campaign designs in the last 11 months. Take a look at his design process, and check out his post on Back to the Future for some of his most recent designs.

Kolby Coy is a senior customer success manager at Sigstr. She works with customers every day to make sure they hit the mark with their creative email signatures every time. She collaborates with marketing teams to shout their messaging through a digital microphone in the signature space and customize success in campaign strategies. Before coming to Sigstr, Kolby was a Global Marketing Strategist, which helps her to understand to a marketer’s dilemma in content distribution.

Who Should Attend?

Bring in your content marketers, directors of marketing, designers, product managers and email marketing managers. And don’t forget any marketer who is interested in stepping up their design game.

What Will You Learn?

At the end of the webinar you’ll:

  • Understand the elements of creative email signatures and campaigns
  • Know how to apply the best practices while designing campaign banners
  • You’ll know how to create a campaign design in Sketch (don’t use Sketch? That’s okay, the techniques translate well to Photoshop and other design application platforms.)
  • Find out how to manage a campaign strategy
  • See our favorite campaigns and use cases for design inspiration

How to Register: 

Whether you’re looking to brush up your design skills or are looking into crafting creative email signatures for the first time, this webinar will help you hone your content distribution strategy through visual design.

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