Sigstr’s Dog Days of November

At Sigstr, one of our core values is to “Believe Big”. This applies to everything we do. The leadership team awards us the freedom and encourages us to bring our big, crazy ideas to fruition.

In one of our weekly company meetings, someone said, “we should have Dog Days of November and let one employee every day bring in their pup. I think it would make everyone so happy.”

And so we did.

From November 1st to the 30th, we had dogs in the office almost every day. And guess what? It made everyone so happy. If you’ve been around this blog before, you know that we like to have a little extra fun with our content sometimes. This is one of those times. We wanted to do something special to commemorate all of the Sigstr pups that visited this past month, so we took a page out of the WeRateDogs playbook.

You can check out some of our favorite pictures from Dog Days of November on Instagram @Sigstr!

Day 1: Sonne

This is Sonne. She is the most well-behaved girl but she’s got a flair for the dramatics. 6-star performance. 14/10 good pup.

Day 2: Willow

This is Willow. Willow was a little shy but all she needed was a nap and to cuddle with her human to make her feel better. 13/10 extremely relatable.

Day 3: Toast

This is Toast. Toast came in because he heard we had good snacks. Then he had too many snacks. 13/10 for this snack coma snooze.

Day 4 & 5: Java & Mochi

This is Java. He’s half golden retriever and half corgi which equals one whole cute goob boy. 12/10 perfect combo. 100/10 smile.

This is Mochi. Mochi treats are notoriously hard on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside. A 13/10 perfect name to describe this perfect pup.

Day 6: Blue

This is Blue. We thought he would be so hyper that he would tear up the office. Instead, he was so sleepy and cuddly he tore up our hearts. 13/10 good boy.

Day 7: Tux

This is Tux. Tux wants to remind you that you are awesome and if you need him he’s only a pidder-padder away. 13/10 for Tux check-ins.

Day 8: Stretch

This is Stretch. Stretch was rescued from Utah, hiked some of the Appalachian trail with his human, and enjoys long walks in the woods. 14/10 for this adventurous and smiley pup.

Day 9: Nala

This is Nala. Nala’s dad raised her right and taught her the importance of a firm handshake. 12/10 for this professional pupper.

Day 10: Ramsay

This is Ramsay. This is clearly a fox, not a dog. We only rate dogs. It’s Dog Days of November not Fox Days of November.

Day 11: Lemmy

This is Lemmy. Lemmy moved here from sunny California. He gives Indiana -1/10 for weather. We give him 12/10 for manly facial hair.

Day 12: Willow

This is Willow. Willow had a really good day. She learned that coming into the office isn’t scary at all and even wandered around to say hi to everyone. 13/10 for this courageous doggo.

Day 13: Lucy

This is Lucy. Lucy was so happy to come with her dad to work that she couldn’t stop wiggling. 13/10 for this wiggle monster.

Day 14: Dug

This is Dug. Dug decided he wanted to help the custodial staff during his day. Although he didn’t communicate this with management, we do appreciate Dug’s dumpster diving skills and eliminating leftover bagels for us. 12/10 and 2 thumbs up.

Day 15: Ramsay

Ramsay again! We were wrong, he brought in his certification papers and he is, indeed, a dog. 12/10 for proving us wrong.

Day 16: Chloe

This is Chloe. Chloe wanted to show you that she can fit her whole tongue around her nose. 13/10 hopes you’re impressed.

Day 17: Cooper

This is Cooper. Cooper wanted to take a picture with his dad for their annual Christmas card. Cropped out his dad. 12/10 needs your address.