Drift and Sigstr Integrate to Bring Advanced Targeting and Enterprise Functionality

Email is the lifeblood of every B2B company. Professionals send between 10,000 to 20,000 emails every year which, for a 100 person company, totals between 1 to 2 million emails every year. We know email isn’t going anywhere, but how much would our inboxes be spared if we were able to move those back-and-forth conversations to chat? Wouldn’t a customer experience be so much better if you were able to click in an email and instantly be connected to the right person? Our new integration with Drift allows you to just do that and much more. With the Sigstr + Drift combination, you can do some pretty magical stuff.

Run Hundreds of Simultaneous Campaigns

Many of our customers run dozens or hundreds of simultaneous campaigns, and oftentimes they’re 1:1 campaigns targeted at specific accounts. This is a key part of Sigstr’s ABM strategy, where we connect our Tier 1 ABM accounts to campaign banners that connect them with their dedicated Account Executive.

Drift email signatures

This becomes especially important for pipeline acceleration. Once your team is actively working a deal, delivering content relevant to a specific stage in the buyer’s journey and having instant, real-time conversations can help speed up your deals. Ready for an example? When an account in our own pipeline completes the “demo” opportunity, the targeted banner assigned to the account automatically updates to a “thanks for seeing a demo!” message. Not only that, when the email recipient clicks on the banner, they will be led to a Drift landing page that displays the content and their Account Executive, standing by and ready to chat.

Drift email signatures

Outlook Support

While only a little over 10% of all email goes through Outlook and Outlook.com, it represents an overwhelming share of email activity in the enterprise. Now our shared customers can start Drift conversations in every email that’s sent through Outlook.

“Chat with Me” or “Chat with Us”

You can also find a new option in the Sigstr’s signature builder that allows specific users with Drift accounts to include a “chat with me” or a “chat with us” button in every email they send. How is that different than a campaign? With Sigstr, campaign banners are dynamic and always changing depending on who’s opening or sending the email. Alongside these campaigns, teams can also include a “chat” button that provides a conversational opportunity for every single email sent by their team.

In fact, this is exactly how our friends at Lessonly are using this integration. Their CMO, Kyle Lacy, had this to say about the integration:

“I’m a huge fan of this integration. We’re never going to stop emailing, but sometimes you just want to get the conversation going in real time. With Sigstr, we can target who we want to chat with and move the conversation from email to Drift instantly.”

– Kyle Lacy, CMO, Lessonly
Drift email signatures

Click and CQL Analytics

And of course you can also get performance analytics out of this integration! Understand how many chats and chat qualified leads your team has generated through your company email signature. In fact, we’ve already had one shared customer generate 31 conversations and 10 CQLs in just one week using this integration.

Learn more by chatting with us on sigstr.com! We’re happy to share more about this new integration and all of the possible use cases. Or, grab a free ticket to HYPERGROWTH SF (use the code “SIGSTRFREE”) and hang with the Sigstr team to see the integration in action.