Ebook: 4 Emerging Channels for Your SaaS Marketing Toolbox

Every SaaS marketer understands the power of marketing as it relates to filling the funnel, progressing opportunities through the pipeline, and improving brand impressions. For several years, digital marketers have relied upon the trusty “paid, owned, earned, and shared” channels that have proven to be successful: boost website traffic with SEO, attend tradeshows and host field marketing events, use digital advertising and remarketing, implement a PR strategy, use social media, and on and on.
Digital marketers are open about sharing these tried and true channels with each other, and it’s true – they’ve proven successful and have gotten many SaaS companies to where they are today – along with a lot of hard work, trial and error, and sales velocity.
As a high growth SaaS company, your marketing team cares a LOT about retention and account growth for your current customers, as well as scaling your MRR and ARR growth rates of attracting new customers and logos. In order to accomplish your lofty goals each month, quarter and year, you’re likely investing heavily in the traditional channels above as a way to capture interest and educate your audience about your technology.
Check out our newest ebook and explore in depth 4 emerging channels every SaaS Digital Marketer should add to their marketing mix:4ChannelsEbookBlogPostThumbnail

  1. Email Signature Marketing (Owned Media)
  2. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates (Paid Media)
  3. Video Marketing & YouTube Video Cards (Earned/Shared Media)
  4. Content Recommendations (Paid Media)

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