Elevating Your SaaS Brand with Email Signature Marketing

As a high growth SaaS company, you care a LOT about retention and account growth for your current customers, as well as scaling your MRR and ARR growth rates of attracting new customers and logos. In order to accomplish your lofty goals each month, quarter and year, you’re likely investing heavily in mass email marketing, digital marketing channels and event marketing as a way to capture interest and educate your audience about your technology. But how are you leveraging the thousands of one-to-one business emails (such as Gmail or Outlook) your employees are sending directly to prospects, customers, industry influencers, and technology partners?
Did you know each of your employees likely send about 10,000 one-to-one emails annually? Multiple that by how many employees you have, and that’s a LOT of personal email. And best yet, each email sent represents an opportunity to drive awareness and engagement for your events, content marketing assets, and marketing campaigns to your most engaged audience: those that are interacting with your employees on a 1:1 basis – not through a mass marketing play.
Top SaaS Brands Trust Sigstr to Power Email Signature Marketing:
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How Sigstr Works:
Leverage Email Signature Marketing Campaigns at Your SaaS Company:

  • Account Growth & Retention: Keeping your current customers happy is key to success for SaaS companies. Use email signature marketing campaigns across your customer success, services and account management teams to share product release notes, new product or service announcements, and inspiration and best practices on how to be successful using your SaaS product
  • New Customer & Logos: New customer acquisition is critical to your company – and every month and every quarter your targets keep increasing, but your number of sales reps may not be. Include email signature marketing campaigns for your new business sales and sales development teams to showcase new customer case studies, ebooks and reports, upcoming educational webinars, infographics, and explainer Videos
  • Talent Recruitment: Your HR and talent recruitment teams are competing against many other SaaS companies – some maybe a lot larger than your company with a greater history of success. Your HR team is on the front-lines and need as many tools as possible to showcase your awesome company culture, growth, and vision for the future. Make sure your recruiting team is using their email signatures to showcase your brand, culture via a video by your CEO or other employees, and press releases and company growth stories.

As a SaaS company, you know how important events and relationship building is to your industry. You invest a lot of dollars and time into booths, hosting customer events, and putting on webinars. But none of that matters unless you’re able to connect with the right attendees. Did you know that the promotion of events is actually the highest converting kind of Sigstr campaign? We’ll show you how Return Path uses Sigstr to promote their important company events below, or check out the full case study.
Return Path Use Case:
Return Path needed a solution that would allow one person to easily manage all employee signatures, while also tracking and optimizing the success of email signature marketing campaigns. Return Path began using Sigstr as a way to control branding on all sales and marketing emails, as well as promote the company’s most important initiatives and content. One of the first campaigns promoted the Return Path World Tour – Return Path hosted events taking place around the world. The Sigstr campaign directed those who clicked on the image to a specific landing page with further details about the events. During the 3 months that Return Path promoted the events, the campaign was displayed over 150,000 times and resulted in over 1,900 clicks with several registrations a direct result of the Sigstr campaign!
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