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[Sigstr Shout-Out] 250ok Ups Value in Every Email Send

Business professionals in the U.S. spend an average of 6.3 hours a day checking and responding to email, according to The Huffington Post, based on research from Adobe Systems Inc. Collectively, that’s about 4.2 trillion hours in email every year, summed from statistics culled through the U.S. Bureau of Labor, McKinsey Global Institute and The Radicati Group, Inc.

But despite the impressive amount of email content people read and send each day, a huge majority of your messages are getting lost in filters. Nearly three-quarters of all marketers report having issues with email deliverability. Up to 85 percent of incoming mail is considered abusive. So mailbox providers (like Gmail and Outlook) are forced to blanket aggressive measures against all senders to deter spam and protect customers. As a result, marketers can get tangled in the filters. Senders need more control. They need more sophisticated tools to understand when emails deliver, and when they don’t.

And that’s where 250ok comes in.

Every email we send is meant to be opened, and 250ok helps you make sure it’s opened, with better inbox placement and engagement. The platform offers up real-time insights into brand reputation, DMARC compliance, and advanced engagement analytics to data-driven senders.

Operation Ban Fluff in Email is in effect with this email content

250ok has been a Sig-Star for almost a year, and they’re rocking their design and email content to inject into their signature. In November, the team saw an opportunity to add value with their latest whitepaper on the “9 Things Every Marketers Must Know About Email.


The design grabs and holds the email recipients’ attention. Focusing first on the typography, 250ok designers amped up the intensity levels through each line of text by making each line larger than the last. And they kept the design simple. The clear call-to-action was easy to read and understand.

To really make the CTA pop, the 250ok designers played with a little buyer psychology by using the color red. To start, red is a warm and positive color. It encourages action and immediately catches the eye. In color psychology, read means energy, passion, action, strength and excitement. The color creates a sense of urgency to read the content. NOW. And, it has a physical effect on the reader, too. Because red is stimulating and energizing, it affects your nerves and the circulation of blood by raising blood pressure and heart rate. Cool, right?! Who knew colors could have such an intense impact on how we internalize email content?

This campaign was served up more than 16,000 times. And because of the simple design, it engaged 350 targeted readers.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 12.30.42 PM


We know the design is on point with the 250ok clickable CTA banner, but we love the value offer, too. They know their brand is more (way more) than a cool website and sleek logo. So they’re creating a differentiator by adding educational whitepapers in their signature. By doing so, they get more eyes on the content. And (more importantly) their contacts get nine tips and tactics to improve their own email strategy.

Of course the design is amazing. But what the reader gets when they click is applicable help for their email strategy. The whitepaper is actionable, not to mention well written and meaty. And, the 250ok crew keyed up a value add in every, single email they sent for a month by injecting the “must-read” piece of content into their signature.

Sigstr Shout-Out is a series that features the insanely talented and creatively driven Sigstr customer campaigns so you can see simple email signature best practices in action – and who’s nailing them.

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