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[Sigstr Shout-Out] Hey Invoca! We’re Looking at You!

Have you ever had a customer you knew was going to be a blast to work with? The customer that just “gets” what you’re doing, and knocks it out of the park on their first campaign. That’s the customer success story of Invoca.

Invoca is a call tracking and analytics company that helps users drive, track and automate inbound calls. The platform delivers personalized customer experiences across devices and channels and has been implemented at the New York Times, Salesforce and Mitsubishi to name a few.

With their Call Intelligence Summit 2016 on the calendar for the end of this month in Santa Barbara, California, they’ve been working to generate registrations through employee email.

The Summit will feature Yong Su Kim, VP Americas at a little place called Google. Maybe you’ve heard of them? They’ve also locked in Collin Colburn, a researcher at Forrester; Mitch Gray, the head of programmatic display advertising at Microsoft and Anthony Maroon, a product strategy lead at Google.  This kind of line up means the company is going full throttle on marketing efforts to drive registrations through the roof.

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Invoca fully implemented in September, and has since racked up more than 85k Campaign views with 85 employees on-boarded. They’ve seen a .25 percent click-through rate and they’re killing it with registrations.

Their team created their first campaign on theme with their Summit design while they worked with the Sigstr customer success crew to nail down a sweet (and consistent) signature.

What we love [Campaign]:

The Invoca team hit up our email signature best practices and our Sigstr customer success team then led the way with a stand-out design. The design team used a bold graphic while keeping the wording tight. It’s aesthetically eye-catching and easy to read, which bodes well for the engagement rates.

By using three core colors in the design, they created variation and visual interest, while preventing a design that got too busy. The Campaign used on-brand colors for the Summit and show a peak at Santa Barbara coast, which is fully revealed on their website. By using a gray-scaled graphic, the design color can be associated with neutrality and practicality.

Bonus, the awesome designers at Invoca were able to include the logo in the Campaign.

The group amped up the value-add by sharing information about their upcoming Summit while making it crazy easy to register. The “Register Now” call-to-action is front and center (literally) of the design and leads directly to the Summit site.

The signature and Campaign have become an extension of the Invoca brand, and they’ve used it rather effectively in conjunction with their full marketing strategy for the conference.

What we love [Signature]:

We spent a good chunk of time with the team at Invoca on the signature design. It was important to create an on-brand experience, but sans the logo as it was already in the campaign.

And, we wanted to make sure the team stayed consistent across the board(room).

Invoca kept the text in their sigs short and sweet, including relevant information and nixing the fluff. (For instance, cutting out an email address). They built it with fields that their recipients actually wanted to have access to.

They used one color, and applied different weights to the font, making it easy for recipients to scan and understand.

The signature style stayed on par with their branding. Invoca is a SaaS company with a lot of personality and insane talent. To pay nod to their innovative minds, they skipped a corporate-centric design in favor of a soft, but edgy text.

What’s next:

Our customer success team is working to create their next Campaign, which will be debuted after registrations are closed. The sheer volume of emails this group sends (they’ve increased their Campaign views by about 2000 in the last three hours) has created a unique opportunity to leverage employee email as an owned marketing channel.

Sigstr Shout-Out is a series that features the insanely talented and creatively driven Sigstr customer campaigns so you can see email signature best practices in action – and who’s nailing them.