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Create More Efficient and Effective Engagements with HubSpot Meetings + Sigstr

Here at Sigstr, we wake up every day thinking about how to do more with email signatures. That often underutilized space at the end of an email can be a powerhouse for brand consistency, marketing, employee engagement, and scheduling meetings. We’ve unlocked incredible value from email signatures by turning them into ways for you to segment messaging across departments, promote events or increase pipeline, and target specific recipients with catered messaging. Our rich integrations – and partnership with HubSpot – have taken our product to the next level. And we’ve helped power 52 million marketing impressions per month by allowing marketers to unlock the employee email channel.

Sometimes, however, it’s good to get back to the basics. The email signature, in its most simple form, has always been a way for the recipient to learn more about you, the sender – your name, title, your company’s website, and, crucially, ways that they can reach you. Phone numbers and social profiles allow them to reach out to you outside of the world of email, to connect in other ways and to build relationships. And now there’s one more element to add to that list.

Schedule More Meetings with HubSpot + Sigstr

One of the most obvious but underutilized uses of the email signature is giving recipients the opportunity to schedule a meeting. How many times has an entire email thread been devoted to just finding time on calendars that works best for everyone? A button below the contact information in an email signature inviting recipients to “Schedule a Call” or “Schedule a Meeting” alleviates all of that confusion.

To that note, we’re excited to introduce yet another new feature of the HubSpot + Sigstr integration! In addition to directly connecting landing pages, tracking conversions, and syncing lists to Sigstr Campaigns, teams can now add the HubSpot Meetings feature directly within Sigstr.

email signature calendar link

Sales teams can now get on the phone with prospects without spending their day coordinating times. Support teams can set up a troubleshooting screen share with zero hassle. HubSpot Meetings makes it easy to streamline scheduling and encourage more frequent engagement.

email signature calendar link

It’s so simple, but so effective and important. Now long back-and-forth emails of throwing out times and navigating schedules can be avoided. All by typing a few simple words: “feel free to click the ‘Schedule a Call’ button in my email signature to find a time that works best for you!”.

The HubSpot Meetings field is available in every Sigstr account. Not only does this feature make employee’s lives easier, it drives success across the entire organization. People build relationships, and those relationships drive business – and as big as email is, it’s the touch points formed outside of it, on calls and video chats, that drive the powerful connections that make an organization successful.

Don’t miss out on those touch points. Use HubSpot + Sigstr together to schedule meetings more frequently and more efficiently – because those are the engagements that make your business grow.

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