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If Parks and Rec Characters Had Email Signatures

Back in July, my colleague wrote a post about Game of Thrones characters and what might their email signatures look like in the professional business world. Why? Because she loves watching Game of Thrones and found a way to combine this nerdy obsession with her everyday duties (sharing email signature samples and Marketing Sigstr). Our readers loved it and it quickly became our most popular blog post so far this year.

So here I am, challenging myself to do the same, and displaying my own nerdy obsession with the show Parks and Rec. For those of you late to the party, Parks and Rec was an NBC hit series from 2009 to 2015 that snagged 15 Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe. Plus it takes place in the fictional town of Pawnee, IN (Sigstr is headquartered in Indianapolis so we particularly love this fun fact).

The more episodes you watch, the more you appreciate the quirky personality traits of each character. So, I decided to apply my overflowing appreciation to the question, “If Parks and Rec characters had email signatures, what would they look like?”

Donna Meagle

We’ll start with Donna, who likes to keep it cool and straight forward. She shows a little flash with her go-to color palette of pink and black, and lets her email audience know where they can find her on social media. Her sophisticated and luxurious Campaign banner was designed by her cousin, Ginuwine, and promotes her new book, “The Ultimate Guide on How to Treat Yo Self” (co-authored by Tom Haverford).


Ben Wyatt

Ben is a smart dude, a caring husband to Leslie and overall great guy. But he’s also a nerd, sort of awkward and sometimes boring. The same can be said for his email signature. The Indiana State flag shows a sense of professionalism, which we love, but is canceled out by his dorky Campaign banner and love for Cones of Dunshire.

Email signature samples Ben Wyatt

Chris Traeger

Of all the email signature samples, this is LITERALLY the best one. If Chris were to express his enthusiasm about this email signature (and everything else), this is exactly what he would say. Chris calls everyone by their first and last name, so obviously his full name in this “digital business card” is a must. Overly positive and a little corny – both the signature and Campaign banner here fits his personality perfectly.

Email signature samples Chris Traeger

Ann Perkins

Ah, Ann Perkins (Chris Traeger voice). Her enduring companionship with best friend Leslie and concern for the town of Pawnee’s overall health makes her a fan favorite on the show. She’s sometimes awkward in social situations (and her professional headshot) and is secretly one of the funnier characters on the show. Say no to Sweetums Sodas!

Ann Perkins email signature samples

Jerry Gergich

Classic Jerry. When Leslie sent a note out to the entire Parks and Rec Department, providing overly detailed steps on how to add an email signature in their settings, guess who forgot to do it? Dang it, Jerry/Larry/Terry/Barry/Gerry!

email signature samples Jerry blank

April Ludgate

As you can imagine, negativity and disinterest oozes out of April’s signature. A halloween font used for her name lets email contacts know she has a dark side. She doesn’t have an appreciation for phones, or the internet, but her warm side comes out in a Campaign banner that promotes the Pawnee Animal Shelter. Although she hates people, she loves Andy, and animals, and the email signature is a great place to promote what you’re passionate about.

April Ludgate email signature samples

Andy Dwyer

Andy Dwyer is a special kind of human being and one of my favorite characters on the show. He is clumsy, forgetful (he once forgot to brush his teeth for five weeks straight) and not quite “fit” for an office job. But he means well, is always willing to help and has a musical talent (and an appreciation for Dave Matthews Band). Unprofessional, but entertaining, is exactly what you see in his email signature (Comic Sans, cringe).

Andy Dwyer email signature samples

Ron Swanson

I strive to be like Ron Swanson (but admit sometimes I’m more of a Ben Wyatt or Tom Haverford). He likes to keep things simple and enjoys a nice glass of bourbon. He’s a man’s man with a secret love for jazz. Times New Roman font, minimal color variation and zero contact information makes for a perfect Ron Swanson email signature. Now that the secret is out about Duke Silver, Ron took advantage of this untapped digital real estate to promote his new documentary.

Ron Swanson email signature samples

Tom Haverford

The swaggiest of swaggy office administrators, he wears pink “for the cool effect.” Always scheming a business plan, invention or company, Tom is an ambitious fella with an appreciation for luxurious living and music (aka “bangers”). Sometimes over the top and distracting? Yes. However, I respect the fact that he models his email signature much like his pitch presentations to investors: All flash. (Although we don’t recommend it).

Sample Email Signatures Tom

Leslie Knope

I saved the best (and most overwhelming) for last. Leslie Knope, the crew’s fearless leader, has an unmatched passion both for her professional career and fostered friendships. Overdone, excessive, sometimes obnoxious, but always thoughtful. Leslie’s binders, political campaigns, gifts and love for waffles make her the most entertaining character on the show. Her email signature definitely lives up to the hype. Vote for Knope!

sample email signatures 2 leslie knope

There you have it – ten of the best email signatures we recommend no one adopt as their own (just sit back and laugh instead). Hopefully this brought some comic relief to your workday, but also opened up your eyes to how employee email can be used to make a lasting brand impression and promote your most important initiatives.

For more email signature samples (the good and the bad) or tips on how to roll email signatures out to your entire company, request a demo or check out our most recent resource below.

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