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Email Signature Marketing for a Good Cause

With the recent devastation of Hurricane Florence, our team here at Sigstr has been reflecting upon how marketing technologies can help make a positive difference in the world around us. That being said, we’re proud to see so many of our awesome customers doing this already with email signature marketing. Whether it be philanthropy, fundraising, or natural disaster relief, there are many ways to use employees’ email signatures for a good cause. Below are a few of our favorites examples.

Holiday Philanthropy

With the holiday season fast approaching, companies all over the world are thinking like us and looking for ways to give back to their local communities. Brooksource, a staffing company also located right here in beautiful Indianapolis, used everyday email as an opportunity to do just that.

Giving Back on Another Continent

Herff Jones decided that they wanted to utilize the employee email signature to not only promote the sale of their frames, but also to plant trees for families in Africa. Their Sigstr campaign promoted that with every frame sold, one tree would be planted in Sub-Saharan Africa by the organization Trees for the Future. All-in-all, this campaign saw over 330,000 total views, a 300% return on their investment in Sigstr, and ultimately 84 new trees planted. Great work, team!

Disaster Relief Efforts

The aforementioned Hurricane Florence may have been the driving factor behind this post, but utilizing the one-to-one emails that employees send to raise money for disaster relief wasn’t our idea! In 2017, the staffing company Kforce (based out of Florida) had seen firsthand the damage that hurricanes can do to a city, state, and region. This prompted them to pledge one million dollars in hurricane relief donations, with the employee email signature as a main source of promotion. The awesome team at Net Health also had the same idea with Hurricane Harvey relief.

Internal Company Fundraisers

Here at Sigstr, we’re super proud of our culture and desire to do good in our community. Each quarter, our “Spread the Good Committee” chooses an overarching initiative for that quarter, with one flagship event surrounded by smaller events around that theme. With our focus in Q3 of this year being mental health awareness, we decided to make the Out of the Darkness Walk, a suicide prevention fundraiser, our main focus. Sending out constant reminder emails can be tedious and ineffective, so we decided to utilize our own internal email signatures to raise money and awareness for the event. Anytime a Sigstr employee emailed another employee of Sigstr, they saw this campaign banner. In just two weeks, our team was able to raise nearly $3,000 for suicide prevention causes as a part of the total $200,000 raised by the Indianapolis Walk alone.

Email Signature Marketing: Beyond ROI

Here at Sigstr, we’re proud of the fact that we have a unique platform that allows companies to promote awesome content and drive traffic to their website, events, videos, etc. All of this aside, I’m proud of the fact that I not only work for a company that places community service and philanthropy within its core values, but also that we have created a product that can help our awesome customers “spread the good” within their own community. Thanks for everything you do!

Also, seeing as Hurricane Florence was the catalyst for writing this blog post, you can find awesome charities doing great work with relief efforts here.