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Enhance Account-Based Marketing ROI with New Seniority Targeting Capabilities from Terminus

Terminus Account-Based Advertising - Seniority Targeting

Seniority Targeting Provides Highly Precise, Granular Targeting from the Terminus Account-Based Marketing Platform

Being laser-focused on best-fit accounts is the cornerstone of an effective and efficient account-based marketing (ABM) program. It’s the reason B2B marketers love Terminus; we make it easy to focus your digital advertising efforts and media budget solely on target accounts. We even allow marketers to segment their advertising by different departments in target accounts because engaging the right personas with the right message is critical to ABM success.

Today, we’re taking our platform to new levels with Seniority Targeting, which provides even more granular audiences for account-based advertising. Now, B2B marketers can use Terminus to target senior decision-makers (managers and above) in specific departments or companies. Seniority Targeting allows Terminus users to advertise with more precision to ensure ad dollars are used most efficiently in campaigns and tactics designed to impact a senior decision-maker. At the same time, Terminus users can broaden their campaigns to maximize engagement in target companies and departments. With this product update, you now have a whole new level of control at your fingertips.

With Terminus, you can easily target specific audiences in a few clicks without requiring any contact data. For example, let’s say you want to advertise an ROI calculator for your product to sales leaders and managers at your best-fit accounts. Simply follow these three steps:

  1. Choose accounts – Upload a list of target account names and URLs or use the Salesforce integration to create a dynamic list.
  2. Select personas – Select the department(s) and turn on Seniority Targeting to exclusively target senior decision-makers in those departments.
  3. Upload creative – Upload the advertising creative, input the landing page, and set your budget. Our amazing customer success and ad operations teams can provide guidance with creative.

One of the main differentiators between account-based advertising with Terminus and other forms of display advertising is the ability to focus your efforts and ad spend on a set list of accounts and easily differentiate advertising by personas in those accounts. The new Seniority Targeting feature allows you to get even more granular with Terminus’ targeting, providing three key benefits:

  • Hypertargeted advertising – Serve messages and content that are tailored or personalized to the needs of a very specific audience.
  • More efficient media spend – With more granular audience targeting, marketers can focus every ad dollar on the right personas.
  • Easy audience management – Terminus will automatically expand your reach to the department level if we cannot reach enough devices using Seniority Targeting, making it easy to ensure ads are reaching enough of the right people in target accounts.

Ways to Use Seniority Targeting

At Terminus, we have the benefit of seeing how the best ABM practitioners are using account-based advertising to engage target accounts and, ultimately, influence pipeline and revenue. With the platform’s flexibility, there are many ways to use Seniority Targeting depending on your Terminus strategy, and we can’t wait to see the creative ways our customers use this new feature. Here are a few examples we’ve seen where Seniority Targeting is highly impactful:

Targeting Enterprise & Large Companies

Enterprise and large mid-market companies can have hundreds or even thousands of people in a department. Applying Seniority Targeting allows marketers to focus on the decision-makers within those large departments. Imagine you sell a product used by the sales department, but your ultimate buyer is sales leadership. Instead of targeting the entire department, which would include all the sales reps, you could use Seniority Targeting to just reach the key decision-makers with messaging and creative that addresses their specific pain point or challenge.

Buyer/User Campaigns

In this scenario, there are two key groups you want to reach the buyer and the end users of your product. Since these two groups have different pain points and challenges, you want to deliver a different message to each group. Using Seniority Targeting, you can create a tactic with a hypertargeted message, offer, and content (e.g., an ROI calculator) for the target buyer, and another tactic targeting the whole department with messaging about product benefits, ease of use, or implementation.

Reach Decision-Makers in SMB & Mid-Market companies

You build a Terminus tactic to target small and medium-sized businesses with key decision-makers and influencers in multiple departments. Seniority Targeting allows you to create awareness and buzz in target companies and only spend media budget on key influencers. Ensuring you have enough media spend budgeted to impact your target accounts is critical for this use case.

How Seniority Targeting Works

Seniority Targeting enhances the existing Terminus targeting capabilities with the ability to further refine an audience. Terminus can automatically expand to the next level of granularity if there is not enough reach at any company. For example, you build a tactic with 25 accounts and you select the Seniority Targeting feature for the IT Ops department. If one of the companies doesn’t have enough senior-level IT Ops employees, Terminus will automatically expand to the next level of targeting granularity (in this case, department) to reach more employees’ devices. Below is a diagram that displays the levels of targeting within Terminus as well as a description of how each one works.

  • Seniority (New!) – Seniority targets managers and above within the selected department(s) or across the entire company as the audience for the Terminus tactic.
  • Department – If no devices are found with Seniority Targeting on either the selected department(s) or the entire company, Terminus will automatically expand to target all individuals in the selected department.
  • Company – If no devices are found using Seniority or Department Targeting, Terminus can expand to target the entire company if selected.

You will be able to see, within your Terminus tactic, which level of targeting  Seniority, Department, or Company  was used for each account.

Here is an example of how targeting level is displayed on the Account Cards within a Terminus tactic.

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If you’re a customer, your CSM is happy to answer questions and explore how the new Seniority Targeting feature can support your account-based advertising strategy.

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