Product Updates

Enhancements to Account-Based Visitor ID Allow Marketers to More Easily Analyze Account Engagement Data

Use New Filters to View Website Engagement Data by Campaign or Account

In early Q3, Terminus launched Account-Based Visitor ID to help turn anonymous website visitors into actionable, account-level engagement data that you can use to show the impact of account-based marketing efforts. It allows you to see which target accounts are visiting your website, the number of unique visitors from each account, what pages they’ve visited, and how often they visit.

This type of account engagement data has been incredibly valuable for ABM practitioners. Now, we’re excited to add new filtering capabilities to sort website engagement data by campaign and account, making it quicker and easier to analyze and share.

New Campaign and Account Filters

There are two new filtering capabilities within Account-Based Visitor ID – campaign and account.

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The campaign filter shows all website engagement data from accounts in a given campaign along with impressions served in that campaign. This makes it easier to analyze a specific campaign’s performance and see how it’s driving a lift in web engagement from target accounts.

Using the account filter, you can search for a specific account within Account-Based Visitor ID to see impressions and website engagement for only that account. Filter by account to quickly and easily drill deeper into an account’s website activity. See how many unique visitors from that account came to your site, how often, and what pages they visited, along with the number of Terminus ad impressions served.

How to Use the New Filters

There are countless ways to use the new filters, but here are a few to get you started:

  • You’re running a pre-targeting campaign that includes Terminus ads and sales outreach. Use the campaign filter to export results each week to see which accounts are showing higher levels of engagement and are ready for a call or email from sales.
  • You want to see if your Terminus ads are having an impact on website engagement. Use the filters to look specifically at a campaign or account to identify a correlation between impressions and website engagement.
  • Your sales rep asks to see if one of their accounts is showing website engagement. Instead of having to sift through all VID data, you can easily use the account filter to find the account you want, export the data, and send it over to him/her.
  • You want to measure the effectiveness of your ad messaging and creative for a specific campaign by checking for a lift in website engagement from those accounts. If you see one, you know the advertising and messaging is having an impact.

In the words of one of our Top ABM Superheroes, Kristen Wendel, “Engagement is the new form fill.” These new filters allow you to put those words into action by making it even easier to track and measure engagement from your target accounts.

If you’re a Terminus customer and don’t currently have Account-Based Visitor ID set up on your site, please reach out to your CSM or [email protected] to get started. If you’re not a customer and want to learn more about Account-Based Visitor ID and Terminus, schedule time to talk with one of our ABM experts.

We hope you’re excited about these new filters and would love to learn more about how you plan to use them! Send your thoughts or ideas to [email protected], or let us know on Twitter at @Terminus.