Product Updates

EverString Now Integrates with the Terminus ABM Platform

Easily execute effective account-based marketing programs at scale with EverString and Terminus

Today, I’m excited to share that EverString now integrates with the Terminus ABM platform! The integration brings together powerful account selection and engagement capabilities to power your account-based marketing strategy. Easily operationalize the Fit + Intent + Engagement model with the new EverString integration with Terminus.

EverString is a marketing and sales intelligence software that helps marketers identify target accounts and create highly segmented lists of accounts by leveraging predictive models. For example, EverString can tell you which accounts are best-fit and in-market for your solution. Through the integration, you can now engage these accounts with highly targeted account-based advertising on the Terminus ABM platform.

According to Matt Amundson, vice president of marketing at EverString, “The two most difficult parts of account-based marketing are determining which accounts to target and how to best engage them. This integration tackles those two issues directly by identifying the best accounts for your business and then making engagement through advertising a snap.”

To see a quick demo, check out the video at the end of the post.

How EverString and Terminus Work Together

The EverString integration allows you to define audiences of target accounts and publish them to Terminus account-based advertising campaigns without ever leaving the EverString platform. Automatically, Terminus will target and engage your chosen personas at those accounts wherever they go online. You can even add them to a LinkedIn campaign through Terminus. In just a few clicks, your target accounts can begin receiving Sponsored Content from you!

Easily see the impact of account-based advertising with Terminus’ account-based web analytics technology, Visitor ID, to track increased engagement from target accounts on your website.

The integration is as simple as it is effective. Set up an account-based advertising tactic on Terminus. After enabling the integration in EverString, you can build an audience of accounts, filter by fit, intent, firmographics, technographics, and other criteria, and then publish the audience to a Terminus advertising tactic.

Execute Data-Driven, Dynamic ABM with EverString and Terminus

Prior to becoming CMO at Terminus, Peter Herbert and his team at VersionOne won the SiriusDecisions ABM Program of the Year award. He created a dynamic, data-driven process for selecting, prioritizing, and engaging target accounts that utilized EverString and the Terminus ABM platform.

“This integration makes it easy to leverage fit, intent, and engagement data to segment accounts for highly targeted account-based advertising and sales outreach,” said Peter Herbert. “Ultimately, this integration will help marketers save hours of time, more efficiently utilize budget, and deliver better-performing ABM campaigns.”

There are many ways you can put this integration into action to achieve a better-performing, more efficient ABM program. Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Operationalize the Fit + Intent + Engagement Model

This strategy has led to significant increases in win rates, deal size, and pipeline velocity for Terminus as well as many other ABM practitioners. Now, with the EverString integration, it is easy to implement. In EverString, create an audience of accounts with high fit and intent scores, and then publish this audience to a Terminus advertising tactic to drive engagement.

Every week, create a new audience in EverString to ensure you’re capturing accounts that are newly showing surging intent, and add them to the same tactic. Review account-based web analytics in Terminus to see which accounts are showing engagement from the ads, and send those accounts to sales to work on a weekly basis. It’s that simple with this integration. Read more about the Fit + Intent + Engagement model to learn tips and tricks for success.

2. Micro-Segment to Maximize Account Engagement

A key tenet of account-based marketing is to create messaging and offers that are tailored to your target accounts, leading to more engagement and traction. EverString makes it easy to create micro-segments of best-fit accounts by filtering by intent topic, industry, size, tech stack, and more.

With a micro-segment of target accounts, you can easily deliver a tailored message and offer using an advertising tactic in Terminus that can deliver 400% higher click through rates and 3x more engagement on your website. Ultimately, these accounts are much more receptive to sales outreach and more likely to become customers.

3. Account-Based Retargeting

There are hundreds or thousands of unknown visitors on your website that may be a good fit for your business. With Terminus’ account-based web analytics tool, Visitor ID, you can see which accounts are visiting your website and sort that list by companies that are not currently being targeted with account-based advertising. Take this list of “potential” target accounts, upload it into EverString, and filter for fit. Now, you’ve identified all net-new accounts that are visiting your site and that are good fit for your solution. Push them into an advertising tactic and alert sales to these hot accounts.

The EverString integration with Terminus will empower you to scale a highly effective account-based program for your business, make your campaigns more dynamic and responsive, and drive more efficient revenue growth. There are many more use cases that can be developed, and I’m excited to see what creative ABM practitioners discover.

The integration is free for all customers of EverString and Terminus. To learn more, contact Terminus and check out the short demo below.