February 2020 Product Update

We’re excited to announce a lineup of new product features marketers around bound to love! Over the past several months the Sigstr Product team has been focused on a new campaign type, the latest and greatest Outlook Agent, employee API, and Salesforce opportunity lists. Check out the full details below!

Alternate Banner Campaigns

This campaign type provides employees with the flexibility to select which banner ad displays in their email, from a list of approved banners in Sigstr. This stand-alone campaign type is created in Sigstr and will only display when an employee decides to change the banner in the message they are composing. Alternate banners are great for use cases that are persona based, industry based, and much more!

This new campaign type is supported for Gmail Sync (with the Chrome Extension) and Outlook Agent customers. For more details on this new campaign type, check out the help article.

Outlook Agent v6.0

The latest version of Sigstr’s Outlook Agent is the most powerful one yet! With a number of improvements, and now, support for Alternate Banners! Upon installation, employees will now see a Sigstr button in their Outlook ribbon. While composing a message, employees can click the Sigstr button to see a side menu of Alternate Banners to choose from. It will apply that banner directly to the message being composed!

Employee API v2

Our latest iteration of our Employee API is more flexible and nimble than ever! This RESTful API can accept employee data from a variety of HR systems in order provision, edit, and delete users automatically based on the data being fed.

SFDC Opportunity Lists

As your accounts progress through the sales pipeline, the type of messaging that you want to deliver to those accounts may change. Sigstr has the ability to create dynamic ABM lists based on your Opportunity pipeline! Set up different Targeted campaigns based on the stage(s) of your Salesforce Opportunity lists. It is a powerful tool to deliver pertinent content at key stages in the sales process.

Sigstr Integration Options

From Outlook to HubSpot and even Uberflip, our API integrates with dozens of sales, marketing, and email platforms so you can bring email signature campaigns and relationship data into your marketing program (no matter what your tech stack looks like).

For a full list of integrations and ways Sigstr can connect with your platform of choice, check out the Sigstr Integrations page.

Have we missed something in our latest round of product updates? Let us know! The Sigstr team is here to build a platform that our customers are excited to use. Use the chat in the bottom right of your screen to request early access to these new features.