Product Updates

February 2021 Product Release: We’re Going All In!

We are excited to kick off the New Year with our February Release, where we are going ALL IN with our new experiences for our customers as we continue to build the ABM platform of the future. With this release, customers can expect enhanced Ad Experiences, powerful Chat Playbooks, a live view of any prospect on your website, next-gen Global Targeting, and so much more. In this release, we are delivering a ton of new innovative features to optimize your ABM strategy and keep you ahead of the game. Let’s dive in.

We’re Going Global With Ad Experiences

We continue to lead the pack with our Ad Experiences product and features, and this release is no different. Get excited, with next generation Global Targeting, customers can scale ABM campaigns beyond the U.S.! Create and manage international campaigns and tactics directly in the platform, without the need for any support, it’s that easy. Early access for Global Targeting will begin for select customers on February 10th and will be available to all customers on February 24th.

We’re Creating Even More Automation and Efficiency for Your Sales Team With Chat Experiences

Terminus Chat creates a seamless experience, connecting your most important audiences directly to the most appropriate representative in a single click. And with this release, we are going ALL IN with Terminus Chat, with so many exciting new features to help meet sales reps where they are, and connect with prospects and target accounts at their moment of need. In this release, we’ve built powerful playbooks that intelligently collect visitor data, trigger sales automation with prospects and customers, and qualify inbound traffic in real time. And with another awesome feature, Live View, you can proactively engage accounts that are currently on your website, before they even reach out! See live information about the accounts on your site and the pages being viewed, and proactively chat with accounts for higher engagement responses.

We’re Bringing Your Ads Data Right Into Measurement Studio

Get ready, we now have an all-new Advertising Insights report right in Measurement Studio. Now you can explicitly see how your ads are driving brand awareness, lead & opportunity creation, pipeline acceleration, and closed won deals. Now you have even more actionable insights to plan your next campaign and dive deep into the data to see the impact advertising has on your account-based execution. Early access for the Advertising Insights Report will begin for select customers on March 1st and the report will launch to all customers on March 17th. If you’re interested in participating in our early access program, please reach out to your Terminus CSM.

Even More…

And there’s so much more in this release for you to get excited about and all of these features are available now. See these features in action and learn more about how Terminus can help you bring ABM and sales engagement together seamlessly, generating full-funnel revenue. Learn more by requesting a demo or registering for our upcoming February Product Release webinar.