Sigstr for Field Marketers: Utilizing Relationship Marketing in Preparation for Your Next Field Event

As a sales development rep slowly being introduced to field marketing responsibilities, I am learning firsthand both the awesome benefits and unique challenges of planning an event in a different city. Constantly changing circumstances, difficulties with prioritization, and (occasionally) unresponsive sales reps are all circumstances a field marketer has to deal with on a daily basis. When done right, however, putting your team in position to be face-to-face with your top customers and prospects can pay major dividends. I’m here to talk about how Sigstr can help with that.

Choosing Your Cities

Each organization, marketer, and salesperson likely has processes for deciding which cities are ripe for a field marketing event. Some of these are sure to be more effective than others, but an excellent place to start is by identifying which cities contain your company’s best relationships. Say, for example, you have limited budget and you’re unsure whether to send a rep to Phoenix, Vancouver, Boston, or Atlanta. With the “Top 10 Locations” feature, you can immediately see where your company’s strongest relationships lie to help you determine where your event might be successful.

Your Best Relationships by Location

You’ve identified the location of your next field event. You’ve booked a venue, plane tickets, and hotel rooms. Great work! Now how do you decide where your team will spend its time to drive the right people to your event?

Sigstr’s location intelligence helps align sales and marketing around which customers and prospects to invite to their next event by providing an idea of how strong a team’s relationships are, both at a personal and company-wide level.

But what if your opportunities in your CRM aren’t entirely updated? That’s okay, because Sigstr’s relationship data is based on email and calendar invites, too. Now you can ensure that you never miss an opportunity to strengthen these relationships face-to-face to help you close deals faster.

Targeted, Dynamic Email Signature Marketing

Your ideal city has been chosen, the venue is booked, and invites are out. You’re killing it! Now how do you maximize event promotion? Don’t worry, Sigstr helps with this one, too.

With email signature marketing, field marketers have the ability to segment and build lists around location, making sure that any time someone from your company emails a prospect or customer in that area, they’re seeing a targeted email signature banner. You can link your event registration landing page directly to these signature campaigns, helping you stay top of mind, drive registrants, and measure ROI.

Here’s an example from our own account, which is promoting our upcoming Indy-based “All ‘Bout Margaritas” party.

Go Rock Your Next Field Marketing Event

We just threw a ton at you, so let’s sum it up as simply as possible.

Step 1: Utilize the “Top Locations” feature to choose the best city for your next field marketing event.

Step 2: Strategically use “Location Intelligence” to find your top relationships in that city and ensure they get invited.

Step 3: Target your customers and prospects with an awesome, dynamic email signature banner inviting them to your event.

Step 4: Win more deals. Get promoted. Be loved by everyone at your company (okay, I can’t promise that, but you get the point).