#FlipMyFunnel Funnel Flipper Series with Anadelia Fadeev

If you can believe it, #FlipMyFunnel’s second birthday is this Friday. Yes, 730 days filled with all things account-based marketing, sales, customer success and a community that gets bigger and better by the day.

In addition to the inaugural #ABXWeek happening next week, a weeklong webinar series dedicated to each stage of the funnel, we’ll be highlighting a few of our #FlipMyFunnel advocates on our blog.

Our first guest is Anadelia Fadeev. Anadelia is the Senior Marketing Manager at InfluxData and the circle leader for the #FlipMyFunnel San Francisco circle! She’s actively and consistently engaged with the #FlipMyFunnel community and had some pretty nice things to say about it.

Check them out below!


How did you hear about #FlipMyFunnel?

I actually heard about #FlipMyFunnel a few years back back when [#FlipMyFunnel] had the first event in SF. Hearing about flipping funnels was definitely something new and different to me so I was very curious about the idea and learning more. I went to the event and thought it was amazing. I made a lot of great connections there and it was one of those events where I found myself taking a lot of notes that I still to this day, continue to reference.

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Did you stop by the Lead Graveyard while you were there?

I definitely stopped by and took a few pictures for my team! It was a different experience and I enjoyed it a lot. Very unique idea and as a marketer, you’ve been programmed to always think about leads. So the idea of transitioning from leads into accounts for me was new and interesting to see in the form of the lead graveyard.


Tell the community about your account-based marketing (ABM) journey.

I discovered account-based marketing around the time I started focusing more on demand generation and working more closely with sales team. I was working with the sales development team and AEs. That transition [into ABM] started happening around the same time that I went to the event. I realized that our sales team always thought about accounts – they never thought about how many leads we got this month, it was always what accounts am I going after? There was definitely a gap in the way we as a marketing team were thinking and how our sales team was thinking. It was nice to see that there was a way that we could speak the same language. In our sales meetings we would get together and talk about what accounts we want to go after, and just by mentioning the word accounts, you could see how they started to pay more attention and getting more interested in the conversation. It (the alignment) put us both on the same page about what types of events we should attend, what types of marketing activities we were doing, because we were basically speaking the same language.


What impact did implementing ABM have on the sales team?

Ever since, I’ve been joining the sales meetings. I consider myself a part of the sales team, I just report to marketing. In a way, I’m thinking about the same things they’re thinking, how can we reach the accounts we care about, how can we expand within those accounts. It’s just helped the conversations because we’re focusing on the things they care about.

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What impact has the #FlipMyFunnel community had on your community?

It’s been great. I can’t imagine not having the community with me. Having the Slack channel, having the resources you have on the website and being able to reach out to someone…I’m just getting started on my ABM journey and I have a lot to learn and having people who’ve been doing ABM for awhile is pretty great. I feel like I post a new question on Slack every other day and it’s been super helpful just to see how others are experiencing, what tools are they using, and what challenges do they see and just learning from others. It’s been very helpful. The Slack channel even helps me impress my boss! Sometimes we’re talking about, “How should we go about this situation, or how should we create this campaign?” And I’m like oh wait a second, let me ask my Slack.

[Tweet “”I can’t imagine not having the #FlipMyFunnel community with me.” – @anadeliafadeev”]

[Tweet “”The #FlipMyFunnel Slack channel even helps me impress my boss!” – @anadeliafadeev”]

Make sure to check out the rest of the #FlipMyFunnel Funnel Flipper series throughout the rest of the week, with Daniel Day of Snowflake up next.