Flipping Funnels with Uberflip ft. Sangram Vajre

Account-Based Marketing Hacks with Uberflip and Sangram Vajre

Ready, Aim, Flip! Sangram Vajre hacks #ABM & flips funnels with Uberflip!

Uberflip is a software that helps marketers create, manage and optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey. Uberflip is also an account-based marketing advocate and runs alongside Terminus and #FlipMyFunnel in helping to educate the B2B community on account-based marketing. They host a webinar series called ABM Hacks, where they interview experts on their account-based marketing tactics and learn how each expert hacks account-based marketing. Terminus CEO and Co-Founder, Sangram Vajre, had the opportunity to engage in a session of ABM Hacks with Victoria Hoffman, UberFlip’s content marketing manager, and they had a great session talking about flipping the lead-based funnel and seamlessly executing account-based marketing. If you missed the session, check out the video here!


These are the two account-based marketing hacks that Sangram touched on during his ABM Hacks webinar:

Hack #1: Accelerating Pipeline Velocity By Identifying Best-Fit Accounts

Identifying your best-fit customers is like using the yellow pages. There are tons of tools that give you the information needed to understand a particular profile that you are looking for. For B2B, your company needs to figure out who you are trying to engage with and what type of companies fit in your ICP. Once you figure out which accounts you want to target, you then need to expand your reach within those companies with to right people. There are certain decision makers in companies that may never reach out to you or give you their contact information, but you still have to find a way to get your information in front of that person.

To understand which accounts to prioritize with this method, look at all of your accounts that are going to close in the next 30 days and figure out how to engage with these people across multiple channels. Marketing and sales should align to double down on velocity and close these deals.

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Hack #2: Engaging Contacts on Their Terms

Five years ago, the idea of engaging with the right contact, on the right channel, at the right time seemed nearly impossible. With modern technology like CRMs and account-based marketing platforms, we can actually do this and do it successfully. What if when a potential customer signed a form, instead of just handing it off to the sales team, you were able to hack into that form and engage with that person from just the information given. Now you can and the best way to do it is to get personal. Thanks to today’s technology, you are able to understand the current buying stage of each company so that your message is perfectly crafted to the stage of that company and can be seen at the exact right time. Stage-based marketing is a great way to engage with contacts on their terms.

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Executing ABM

During this webinar, Victoria asked Sangram these questions about how he executes account-based marketing:

1. Have you seen any great examples of ABM hacks that you could share?

At WP engine, the sales and marketing teams sit down two weeks prior to any initial reach out and makes a plan to warm up to each account before they create touch with any company. This makes the company know who you are and puts your company fresh on their mind. With this method, they had higher click-through rates and were able to set more demos because the brand stuck in people heads for two weeks prior. This is a great hack because the sales and marketing teams work together to create a personalized experience for each company.

2. How do you know if account-based marketing is right for your company?

If you know who the companies are that you want to target, they have a long sales cycle, have multiple decision-makers, and they have a complex buying process, then account-based marketing is for you. Account-based marketing is not for companies who are doing transactional sales and aren’t selling to a larger audience, those companies could do a mix of traditional marketing and account-based marketing, but they wouldn’t totally benefit from just ABM.

3. What are some common mistakes that companies make when getting started with account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing is a very hot topic right now and marketers get very excited with anything new and shiny that is put in front of them. This means that companies that aren’t very compatible with account-based marketing are jumping in and trying to run account-based marketing campaigns and they are failing. Another one of the biggest problems is not having a cohesive strategy. Companies need to have a strategy or campaign in mind to be able to see success with account-based marketing. So figuring out your measurement for success and your strategy is the first move that a company should make.