Flipping Funnels Weekly: The Roundup of Roundup’s

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We have a lot of momentum coming from our sold out account-based marketing (ABM) roadshow in San Francisco and we would like to thank everyone who came and supported us at our largest conference yet! We have a special treat for those of you that didn’t get a chance to come out to the Bay by the way of this week’s roundup! We’re going to be featuring the top 10 FlipMyFunnel articles this week, so catch up on all the action here:

1. A Model For B2B Event Success: #FlipMyFunnel

Attend was the company responsible for our amazing registration process and they wrote a great article on one of the most overlooked aspects of account-based marketing; events. This article explains some strategies that we used to make #FlipMyFunnel such an exceptional event.

Key Takeaway: 

Reaching the people who count is the most important event strategy. #FlipMyFunnel drew a large audience with the event series, which was still very targeted.

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2. FlipMyFunnel Roadshow: Make accounts love that you’re targeting them

To combat the fact that less than 40% of Vidyard’s Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) turned into Sales Accepted Leads (SALs), Tyler Lessard turned to Terminus for a more targeted ABM campaign. Learn how targeting the right people makes for a better buyers experience in this article by B2B News Network.

Key Takeaway:

If we see good customer engagement that will feed into lead nurturing

[Tweet “ABM is an ongoing discipline & strategy, not a product or role – @tylerlessard #FlipMyFunnel”]

3. 4 Account-Based Marketing Lessons from the Field

Marketo presents to us the four key takeaways from #FlipMyFunnel’s San Francisco roadshow. Check out this article for a “no-fluff” breakdown of the top lessons that will make an impact on your account-based marketing strategies.

Key Takeaway:

Since we sell to accounts and multiple people within accounts, using ABM to identify and engage the right people in target accounts will help you increase pipeline and improve sales and marketing alignment.

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4. #FlipMyFunnel Roadshow: “Don’t count the people you reach, reach the people who count!”

The whole reason for #FlipMyFunnel is to change B2B Marketer’s mindset from quantity to quality. In this article by MartechAdvisor we find out just how ABM helps reach the buyers that matter!

Key Takeaway:

ABM is about influencing the pipeline, not filling it. The Holy Grail of ABM is engagement. Make sure the right people at the account spending time with your company.

[Tweet “People don’t care how much you know. Until they know how much you care – @jaffejuice #FlipMyFunnel”]

5. FlipMyFunnel Roadshow: Creating a demand generation engine with account-based marketing

In one of our first sessions, we had Ken Wincko, SVP of Marketing at PRNewswire and Adam Needles, Chief Strategy Officer at ANNUITAS discussing how to transform your demand generation strategy using ABM. Check out this review to learn more on how to overcome roadblocks and use content to send contacts on a self-directed buyer’s journey.

Key Takeaway:

B2B marketers must transform the buying process and buyer’s pain points into a buyer’s journey based on content

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6. VP Sales: The Case for Account-Based Marketing

#FlipMyFunnel has always been about using ABM to help marketing and sales alignment within your organization. This InsightSqured blog post explains how ABM helps bridge the gap between the long inbound marketing waiting game and outbound cold calls.

Key Takeaway:

Marketing’s obsession with lead sourcing has led many of us to lose sight of the more important objective: growing the business.

[Tweet “#ABM delivers more immediate results than inbound without the compromises required of outbound.”]

7. How Terminus Got Their Top Tier Accounts to Attend Their Roadshow Tour with Social123

This is an interesting case study on how Terminus, the first account-based marketing platform, used Social123 to help meet their key accounts face to face at #FlipMyFunnel. Check it out to learn how an ABM company used ABM as an event marketing strategy! ABM inception!

Key Takeaway:

Knowing the right accounts to target is just the beginning. You need the right contacts within those targeted accounts along with accurate information to reach them.

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8. Adventures in Flipping Funnels

#FlipMyFunnel attendees will all agree that this is a conference like none other! Have you ever walked up to protestors demanding that you focus on leads instead of revenue generating accounts? Didn’t think so.

Check out this article by LeanData giving you a look at some of the fun adventures that went down at #FlipMyFunnel.

Key Takeaway:

The take-home message for ABM: accumulating the greatest volume of leads possible is a fool’s errand. Instead, it’s much more effective to focus on aligning sales and marketing efforts around the target accounts that are most likely to become your customers

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9. My Horrific #FlipMyFunnel Nightmare

The lead graveyard was a huge success at #FlipMyFunnel and it even followed some of us back home! Find out what an account-based marketing zombie is and how to get help if you may be infected with the zombie virus!

Key Takeaway:

Clarity and agreement on what defines a targeted account is the single most important decision your team will make

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10. Flip Your B2B Funnel on it’s Head and Close Sales More Quickly

The main goal of flipping your traditional sales funnel is to increase the amount of time you engage your contacts within an account while accelerating your sales pipeline. In this article by #FlipMyFunnel founder Sangram Vajre, learn how flipping your funnel with ABM will help speed up your company’s sales process.

Key Takeaway:

B2B companies must minimize resources wasted on customers who aren’t a right fit and then effectively engage those likely to close deals and shorten their sales cycles

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