Press Release

Sigstr Attracts $1.5M in Funding from Leading Software Executives Across Nation

The last few months have been an exciting journey for Sigstr, and today is no different! Earlier this morning, we announced that Sigstr has received an additional $1.5M from leading software executives across the nation. The financing will help us rapidly innovate on our email signature marketing platform, accelerate hiring and talent development, support our growing list of enterprise customers with additional services, and fuel sales and marketing efforts.
Why focus on employee email, you might ask?
Email continues to be a critical communication channel for business, and employee emails (think Gmail / Outlook) are routinely the most frequent touchpoint between a business and the outside world. On average a single employee sends 10,000 emails per year, so it only takes 100 employees to send 1,000,000 emails! What if you had a million new opportunities each year to engage your key customers, prospects, vendors, partners, or potential hires all while maintaining a consistent and up-to-date brand image?
The ubiquitous email signature, usually located at the bottom of every single employee email sent, offers an untapped demand generation and branding opportunity that can pay huge dividends. Sigstr unlocks the marketing potential of employee emails. It is smart marketing
through email signatures. With a few clicks in Sigstr, marketers can automatically inject a clickable image, called a campaign, to the Outlook and Gmail email signature. Campaigns are updated automatically with no IT or employee action required. Sigstr Signatures grants companies complete control of the style, format, and branding of employee email signatures.
“I’m delighted to invest in Sigstr and am incredibly excited that Sigstr has created a new channel for marketers in companies of all sizes across all industries,” said Bill Godfrey, Managing Partner at 4G Ventures and Co-Founder, former CEO, Aprimo. “I am very impressed with our leadership team’s vision to unleash email signature marketing as the gateway for employees and companies to get more out of every email send.”
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