Terminus Tops G2’s ABM Leaderboard for the 10th Consecutive Quarter

The Terminus team has been focused on our customers from the very beginning, which has really shaped the DNA of our company. And since marketing is at a point of paradigm shift, now more than ever, we’re working side-by-side with our customers so they become the most successful and advanced marketers and sellers in B2B today.

With that said, when our customers share their feedback about their experience with our team and the platform, we listen (and take it very seriously). That’s why we care about G2’s quarterly grid reports – and why we’re excited to share that we’ve been named a category leader for the 10th consecutive quarter.

Based on aggregated reviews from G2 users, in addition to data pulled from social networks and online sources, G2’s Summer 2020 Report stacks Terminus against other account-based marketing platforms in the eyes of the most important judges: customers. The structure of these quarterly reports has evolved overtime as G2 continues to refine categories. However, through the last 10 quarters, one thing has remained constant – Terminus’ ability to be at the top of the ABM leaderboard.

Terminus earned the “Leader” distinction in the following categories:

  • Account-Based Analytics
  • Account-Based Buyer Intent
  • Account-Based Experiences
  • Account-Based Ads
  • Account-Based Orchestration
  • Account Data Management

Terminus also earned badges for: Best Support, Easiest Admin, Easiest Setup, and Easiest To Use.

g2 terminus

This recognition from G2 is accompanied by an ongoing list of accolades that has established Terminus as the definitive leader in ABM:

  • 10 consecutive quarters as a G2 Leader in the account based marketing category.
  • Forrester named Terminus a leader in their 2020 New Wave™ of ABM platforms, citing our superlative advertising and analytics capabilities. Check out the full report here.
  • In the Total Economic Impact™ of Terminus ABM study, Forrester Consulting outlined these key benefits from participating Terminus customers:
    • 313% ROI over three years
    • 60% more meetings set by sales development per month
    • 40% reduction in cost per targeted account
    • Two percentage point increase in opportunity-to-close rate

Although we’re taking a moment to celebrate and be proud about these milestones, trust that our team is hard at work doing even more to help modern revenue teams drive growth through every stage of their funnels. We haven’t been more excited for the future of Terminus than we are right now. And we couldn’t be more grateful for all of our customers, their support, and their guidance. Enough words – here are some images that represent Terminus’ status as the definitive leader in modern B2B marketing.

G2 Grid® Report for Account-Based Advertising Summer 2020

g2 terminus

G2 Grid® Report for Account-Based Orchestration Summer 2020

g2 terminus

Infographic: The Total Economic Impact™ of Terminus ABM

g2 terminus