How Today’s Go-to-Market Teams Generate Revenue

Can we tell you a secret? Actually, let’s stop treating this like it’s some sort of taboo—because we’re doing everything we can to make sure this doesn’t remain a secret. So, here it goes: Revenue growth for marketers has never been about capturing leads, doing a hand-off with your sales team, and then yet another hand-off to a different team when the lead becomes an actual customer.

Sure, that’s how we’ve been operating for years, but today’s agile and resourceful modern go-to-market (GTM) teams are creating demand with powerful campaigns tailored for their highly specific target segments, harvesting that demand in intelligent ways to accelerate pipeline, and, finally, retain and expand their customer base.

In short? We’re right smack in the middle of the GTM transformation, and Terminus is here to support all go-to-market teams (sales, marketing, CS, leadership).

Here’s how.

The Process

This workflow looks drastically different from the disjointed hot-potato lead game we all once played (and described above). Successful GTM teams start by creating demand by not only knowing their audience, but by obsessing over their highly targeted account segments.

These segments are created from several components including:

  • Firmographics. Terminus’ exhaustive data on tens of millions of businesses allows you drill down to the exact right accounts
  • First-party data. Bring all your existing data, regardless of the platform, into Terminus to find the best segment
  • Psychographics. One of our cooler features: It’s like Netflix recommendations, only for accounts
  • Intent. Target accounts that are already in-market with Bombora and G2 integration

Once your custom segment is done, you’ll be able to run coordinated campaigns across email, display and social channels. Terminus harnesses the power of your email and transforms it into a targeted ad, and our ad network is the most extensive with the highest match rates—so no opportunity is ever wasted.

Now that you’ve targeted the right accounts, how do you know which ones are showing the most engagement and which to reach out to? Again, with Terminus’ seamless Bombora and G2 integration, you’ll know which accounts might be in the market for your business. Terminus Live View gives you a deep look at who’s been engaging with your website, and even who’s visiting right now (hence the feature name).

You’ll even get real-time alerts for accounts whose activity is surging. Once you know who to reach out to, you can do it with Terminus chat, the only account-based chat solution out there. Or you can reach out through Outreach or SalesLoft, both of which integrate directly into Terminus. And the cake: You’ll always have the best first line when you do reach out to prospects with Account Insights.

All this data means you’ll have unbridled access to each account, and you can tailor your outreach to the stakeholders in each account and deliver a personalized experience through their entire buying journey. This will help accelerate pipeline, but it’s not the only tool in the pipeline toolbox: With Terminus, retargeting, advertising on LinkedIn, relationship strength and your email all become part of your pipeline arsenal.

Finally, the last step: Retain and expand your customer base. Are your customers searching for competitors or other solutions to help them with their needs? Intent will help surface those accounts so you’re never caught off guard. Terminus also makes it easy to see how your relationship with a specific customer is doing—who’s your biggest fan, and which disengaged customer could use a little more support? None of that is a mystery any longer.

Now, this process varies depending on your team. Let’s take a look at how marketing, outbound, sales, and customer teams engage with the GTM process.

Marketing Team

Remember our little “secret” about leads? You as a marketer already know your biggest metric of success is developing pipeline and revenue, not leads. Terminus allows you to focus on revenue growth for every stage if the funnel by:

  • Creating precise target account segments
  • Running coordinated, multi-channel campaigns with ease
  • Helping your sales team understand the work you’re doing
  • Measuring every, single, detail of your GTM team

Terminus powers your entire pipeline, from the moment of acquisition through acceleration campaigns, all the way to retention and expansion. Beginning with getting your brand in front of your target account segments through display, social and email signatures ads, which then you can automatically respond to accounts as their journey progresses.

Your sales team will have deep insights into each account and how they’re engaging with each piece of content along the way—making it simple to know which accounts to reach out to, and how.

Once they’re sold, keep your brand top of mind with targeted updates and continue to cross-sell with production promotion or targeting different departments.

Outbound Team

Equip your outbound teams with the right tools to help them lead as your frontline brand ambassadors—because that’s exactly what they are. With the right account insights, intent data, and constant stream of engaged accounts from marketing, your outbound team will be able to reach out with Terminus Chat at the right exact moment. Not only that, but they’ll be able to craft a thoughtful email or call based on the prospect’s activity.

With this approach, we have seen outbound teams amongst our customer base book 60% more meetings.

With Terminus Live View, your outbound team will be able to see who’s on your website at that exact moment, before launching Terminus Chat to help them start their buying journey. Because let’s be real: No one likes filling out site forms. Terminus Chat means you can interact whenever a prospect is on the site, which means they’re able to focus on building a relationship with the human they are—not reducing them to “just” a lead.

Sales Team

By now, we hope we’ve made it pretty clear that no one silo-ed department can be responsible for your account-based marketing (ABM) program.

Sales is just as responsible as marketing is for ABM revenue generation, and if that sounds like a big change from what you’re used to, don’t worry: That’s why we’re here. Terminus unites sales and marketing so sales can convert the interest market generates.

By knowing which accounts are engaging with not only your organization’s target ads, website, chat, and content, but the frequency, recency, and velocity of emails and meetings, sales will be able to measure the strength and potential of each target account.

Every member of your organization will be on the same page as far as outreach to prospects, so finding the strongest relationships on the buying team will never be an issue. Terminus can also predict just how likely a prospect is to become a customer, so sales can use that information to better engage (and CLOSE!) the most important opportunities.

We mentioned above how Terminus’ psychographic profiling is like Netflix for your target accounts, but this feature is so cool, it’s worth going in a little deeper. Sales reps will be able to discover new accounts that behave just like the ones they just closed, and find them in seconds.

Customer Team

Sure, gaining new customers is always a good thing—and should be one of your major focuses—but retention is just as important.

We help your customer team boost engagement with your existing customer base with custom campaigns, as well as driving awareness of new product enhancements or features, keeping you at the top of your customers’ minds, and maintaining high retention rates.

Not only that, but use intent data to see if your customers are researching competitors or alternatives, so you can begin to make the right moves to keep their business and keep your relationship with them healthy.