Guns N’ Roses & Sales Closes

Dr. Seuss once wrote, “A person is a person, no matter how small.” At Sigstr, we believe that a win is a win, no matter how small. Every win deserves to be celebrated. Some wins merit leaving the office for celebratory Kilroy’s pitchers or Nada margaritas (2 of our favorite go-to watering holes in downtown Indy). Others simply require a Sigstr celebration staple: the walk-up song.

Background & History:

The walk-up song originated in the very beginning, with the original 3 man team of BDRs (business development reps). We have a demo whiteboard in the office that keeps track of how many demos (a meeting with a prospect where we walk them through our email signature app) have been scheduled by each rep. Walking up to the board to record your newest scheduled demo is a celebration in and of itself, but our VP of Product, Sam Smith, upped the ante with the introduction of the concept of a walk-up song (side note: this isn’t the first Sigstr tradition Sam has started, read more about that here).

As each BDR would triumphantly sashay up to the board to add to their demo tally, Sam would play that team members walk-up song. It. Is. Awesome. And this tradition has carried on from when we were a 7 person company all the way to now.

Every member of the sales team has a designated song to be played when they get a win. Sales Development reps get their walk-up songs played when they schedule demos, our AE’s get their songs played when they close deals and our VP of Sales, Kevin Vanes, and CEO, Dan Hanrahan, get their songs played when a partnership opportunity has been agreed upon or they have helped close business. You can see (and make fun of) our sales team’s walk-up songs below.

The Songs:

Not Just the Sales Team:

Celebratory traditions are not limited to the sales team, they exist in every division of Sigstr. The marketing team plays the rap air horn any time we make advancements on the influencer front or a MQL (marketing qualified lead) comes through. If you’re not familiar with the rap air horn, check out this app. Due to an extraordinarily overenthusiastic keeper of the rap air horn (me), we have reached a point that any time we play the horn everyone stops what they are doing and shouts “hot lead, hot lead!”

Email signature app product team celebrationThe product team celebrates new releases and product launches by bringing our DOMO robot to life. Product launches are especially exciting and important to celebrate. Every new launch makes our email signature app better, faster, stronger. The DOMO robot’s dancing can be seen in the GIF to the right.

Like we said, a win is a win, no matter how small. We truly celebrate everything in our own little ways and make sure each team member feels appreciated for their hard work. It is vital to the success of our email signature app and the team. A start-up mentality and sales-driven culture with an office environment that’s exciting and fun to be a part of everyday – we are a 24 man wolf pack and every single one of us is critically important to Sigstr’s success. We celebrate the little wins because everyone’s little wins amount to big wins for Sigstr.

What’s Your Celebratory Tradition?

Do you have unique celebration traditions like we do? We want to hear about them! Tweet us at @SigstrApp and let us know how you celebrate your wolf pack and their accomplishments!

Or better yet, let us know what your walk up song would be!
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