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If Your Favorite Holiday Characters Had Sigstr

Since November, the Sigstr office has been blaring kitschy holiday tunes and tempting visitors with a steady supply of Christmas treats. Nothing puts us in the spirit more than Mariah Carey and a few extra pounds around the middle! Now that Christmas is weeks away, we’re kicking it into high gear and using any excuse to spread the Christmas cheer to all those far and near.

Our affection for the holiday season explains our focus on the holiday email template, specifically the email signature. After all, if Harry Potter has an email signature, Santa should too! When approaching the topic, the only dilemma was selecting which Christmas characters to feature. With so many to pick from, how do you choose? 

Buddy the Elf

Buddy’s Christmas cheer puts the Sigstr office to shame. With his childlike humor and zest for life, it’s easy to see why Buddy the Elf is a Christmas favorite. On a quest to find his father, Buddy unearthed answers to life’s most interesting questions and discovered truths he never imagined. His most memorable inquiry, however, was left unanswered…

holiday email template


I think we can all agree that Frosty’s story is one of the most tragic Christmas tales. Not only does the poor fella have eyes made out of coal, but he’s slowly melting away! With this holiday email template, perhaps there could be a different ending – one where Frosty lives happily ever after all year round!

holiday email template


Does anyone know why Rudolph has a shiny red nose? No, but that’s not the point. Rudolph is the Christmas poster child for overcoming adversity and (reindeer) bullying. After that famous foggy Christmas Eve when Rudolph saved the day, he used his story to inspire the world.

holiday email template

Bumble, The Abominable Snow Monster

You can’t name Rudolph without including his adversary, Bumble, the Abominable Snow Monster. If there’s ever been a Christmas miracle, it’s the fact that the 1964 Claymation film is still televised on a yearly basis. Video production has come a long way since the 60s, but there’s nothing like the classics! Nostalgia aside, Bumble is a Sigstr favorite. He did help with that star, after all.

holiday email template

The Grinch

We’re not sure where Whoville is, but we’d like to relocate the Sigstr office there immediately. The Whos are warm hearted and welcoming and their houses are downright adorable. It’s no wonder the Grinch eventually gave in to their holiday cheer! This Christmas, Professor Grinch is likely cuddling with Max and listening to “Welcome Christmas” on repeat.

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Much like the Grinch, Ebenezer Scrooge despised Christmas and all those that celebrated it. Thank goodness for the Ghosts of Past, Present, and Yet to Come that showed him the error in his ways. These days, Ebenezer runs a non-profit with his partner, Tiny Tim, which is promoted in this holiday email template.

holiday email template

Kevin McCallister

Has there ever been a cooler character than Kevin McCallister? His addiction to junk food and ability to outwit grown-ups make him a Christmas stand-out. There are not many 8-year-olds that can single-handedly take on the likes of two woeful burglars. It’s no surprise Kevin honed his talents in adulthood.  

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He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. Sound familiar? Well, this year, you can do a little spying of your own. Contrary to popular belief, Santa is a pretty hip guy. He keeps up with the latest tech trends and recently introduced The Santa Radar. Mrs. Claus is relieved that she finally has a way to keep tabs on the man.

holiday email template

There is no better Christmas character to end on than Santa! Don’t want the fun to end? Feel free to check out the email signatures of Parks and Rec or Back to the Future! (Each of which are best enjoyed with a plate full of frosted Christmas cookies and a side of spiked eggnog.)

Happy Holidays from Team Sigstr!

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