How Terminus uses retargeting to drive pipeline

Every display marketer knows that display retargeting just makes sense. It’s low-cost, high-ROI, hyper-targeted, and easy to keep running with a universal message. That’s why we released retargeting into the Terminus platform – so that you could add the best of inbound to your ABM program. 

If you haven’t had the chance to familiarize yourself with Terminus retargeting, we wanted to share how we use retargeting to put an inbound spin on our account-based marketing funnel. 

  1. We created an Engagement Model that includes every page on our site. We don’t have to differentiate based on URLs here because we apply account/persona filters later. Similar to your other retargeting efforts, you might begin with specific product pages (if you have a high amount of site traffic) to scale your retargeting efforts appropriately. 
  2. Before we launched our ads, we started by only targeting companies above 200 employees, located in the US. As you think about launching your retargeting ads, you should decide early which firmographic audience to start with, including company size, employee department, and industry. 
  3. Our ads promote our recent Complete Guide to Account Engagement ebook – content we think is relevant to upper-funnel site visitors. Unlike our ABM ads, where we try not to use forms, our retargeting ads point to a content page that is gated with a form. (If you use a chatbot, this is a great place to use it!)
  4. As impressions come in from retargeted traffic, we do two things:
    1. Tag the traffic as utm_source = terminus and utm_medium = display-retargeting so that we know when conversions come through this channel.
    2. Look at Site Visits > Potential Accounts tab in Terminus to see what high-fit accounts are coming through to the website. On a regular basis (currently once a week for us) we review this traffic for any new accounts to add in to our mainstream target account lists, so that we can expand ad coverage to the entire buying center of the account.**

By using the firmographic filters, we’re able to get a much more efficient retargeting spend, and also use the retargeted accounts to expand our top tier target account lists. We also love the ability to go after different verticals with targeted outreach, which can be hard when you’re only relying on what page someone visited.

As a quick reference – we’re currently seeing about a $12CPC and $80 CPL, but see that the leads are all from high-fit accounts*.

To get started with Terminus retargeting, you’ll need to install an additional pixel on your site, and let your CSM know who you want to target. You can get all that info here or schedule a quick call with your CSM.

* As of June 2019

** Since retargeting currently only targets the individuals who visited your site, and doesn’t expand to the whole account automatically, this is a critical step, because you can expand your audience to all of the relevant personas in that account to increase the likelihood of reaching critical mass for outreach.