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How to Be a Better Sales Rep w/ Kaia

For a lot of sales reps, they’re spending more time on administrative tasks than they’d like to. To help get them back to selling faster and be fully present during a sales call, reps are starting to use a conversational intelligence tool called KAIA.

Craig Matarazzo, Enterprise Account Executive at Outreach, discusses KAIA (Knowledge AI Assistant) and how its long list of features are so beneficial.  

Getting back to selling

37%. That is how much time sales reps are actually selling to consumers on average. On a 160 minute call with a customer, the sales rep will spend 29 minutes preparing and 59 minutes post meeting on follow up tasks — ones that mostly do not contribute to moving the sales cycle forward. 

But what if reps didn’t have to divide their attention? Imagine a baker who just hired an assistant to buy ingredients and do all of the prep work. All the baker has to do is bake. The baker’s assistant is the equivalent of what KAIA is allowing for sales reps — the freedom to sell again. 

”If you think about productivity, sales reps need to be as productive as possible; laser focused on spending a lot of their time actually selling.” — Craig Matarazzo

The benefit of using KAIA

KAIA is an intelligent virtual assistant that accelerates deals by improving meetings live. While all necessary parts of the sales call, there’s no benefit to the sales rep taking on these added responsibilities when they could be focusing on the prospect. 

Craig shares some of the assistant’s abilities:

  • Smart recap: Instead of bouncing all over the place after the call trying to organize a recap, KAIA does it for you in real time. 
  • Transcription: The minute a sales rep joins a Zoom call, KAIA joins in to transcribe.
  • Bookmarking: Is there a moment during the call that you’d like to highlight for later? KAIA gives you that option.
  • Action items: It automatically identifies the action items and lets you direct the items to team members. 
  • Email followup: After a call is completed, KAIA sends you a meeting summary including action items, bookmarks, a list of all participants, and notes. 
  • Sales managers inclusion: They have the option of joining a call and adding bookmarks.

Craig highlights his favorite tool with KAIA called content cards. These allow the sales rep to deliver relevant content in real time, rather than having to do research after the call and get back to the prospect. 

”Most conversational intelligence tools out there do a lot of coaching post-call. But KAIA eliminates the need for that. On the back end, we’re providing all that content in real time on the call.” — Craig Matarazzo

During a recent call, a prospect asked Craig if he integrated with lean data. He wasn’t sure off the top of his head, but KAIA was there to save the day. Immediately after the prospect asked the question, the content card for lean data populated with three clean bullet points. Craig was able to provide that information right away rather than having to call them back. 

KAIA accessibility

On top of all its features, KAIA is easy to integrate as well. Through the Outreach platform, KAIA shows up on the left side through a tab. With just one click, you can access all your calls and proceed to re-listen, share with a manager, work on content cards, or share directly with the customers. 

A key takeaway

”My day revolves around prepping for meetings with my prospects and my customers, running those meetings, and then following up on those meetings. Kaia helps me with all of that.” — Craig Matarazzo

Intelligent automation like KAIA is helping free sales reps to go back to selling instead of wasting time prepping or organizing. From spending hours on follow up emails to having those same emails ready in 5 minutes, taking advantage of this tool is one you can’t afford to miss out on. 

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