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How to Become Successful in a Micro Niche

How do you provide your target audience with the most value?

By not trying to be everything to everyone. By creating a personalized experience. By making them happy to give you their money for something they’re excited they can buy.

By building a micro niche.

On his podcast Digital Marketing Life, Noah Omri Levin interviews life coach, entrepreneur, podcast host, First Year Married founder and CEO (and his wife), Kayla Levin.

Here’s what we’re unpacking today:

  • Why micro niches work
  • How to find a micro niche
  • Promoting your micro niche

This post is based on a podcast with Noah Omri Levin and Kayla Levin. You can listen to the full episode here and below.

Finding a micro niche

You’ve decided to pivot your entire life and kind of focus on one niche. Can you tell us a little bit about the new company that you’re launching called First Year Married?

Kayla: Absolutely. It’s definitely been interesting getting it down to exactly who I wanted to work with. 

There were a lot of iterations over the years, especially coming off of the challenges that I felt were coming up frequently for my clients. For a long time, I thought it was going to actually be a program for stay-at-home moms because they had a very specific issue that I was working with a lot. 

Eventually, it evolved, I guess as my clients all evolved, to a dual coaching and educational course for women who are in their first year of marriage, whose parents are divorced. That’s First Year Married.

Can you tell us a little bit about what keeps drawing you back to all the different digital marketing activities that you love to do?

Kayla: One thing is that I really like working with adults. Anyone who’s been a teacher knows that children are unbelievable, but it’s just a different bucket that you’re filling when you’re working with kids all day versus working with adults. 

I also really love being someone’s cheerleader. I think that’s something that I’ve discovered. And it plays itself out in a lot of areas in my life. I think coaching is the most profound way of doing that because you really can give people tools that will allow them to achieve at a higher level. 

At the same time, harnessing that energy of seeing what someone can achieve that they can’t even see for themselves, and being excited for them before it’s even happened. It’s extremely contagious.

Especially when I was doing social media coaching, and definitely with life coaching, I’ve been able to see that. I think with social media – just as anyone who loves to communicate and who loves people – social media is just a way of broadening communication and reaching out to more people. I think that’s been the appeal there.

Why micro niches work

Why go so specific?

Kayla: It actually comes from two sides. 

We understood the value of picking a niche because that’s what all the experts are saying. I think it also came from thinking about how you’re going to provide the most value. When you’re really focused on giving the best experience and making sure that the people who come through your course get the absolute most out of it that they can, you have to pick a niche. 

Somebody who’s been married three years is going to have a different experience than somebody who’s just gotten married. Somebody whose parents are divorced has a whole background and it’s going to be different than somebody whose parents are still happily married.

If I’m coaching one on one, I don’t need to do that. But when I’m doing a group program, you just really have to pick something very clear.

Promoting a micro niche

When you’re trying to build those relationships and grow your business, what is the platform of your choice and why?

Kayla: It’s definitely Instagram. 

I think the truth is a lot of people have gotten burned out from Facebook. Even people that are still on Facebook and checking it regularly there’s a kind of this resentment. 

Even though it’s owned by Facebook, Instagram has really become a space that’s about beauty and inspiration. The way you choose to follow people and hashtags, you’re coming away with your self-identity and your values and the things that you appreciate affirmed, with new ideas and new inspiration. 

I feel like that’s where I should be when what I’m offering people are better marriages and better relationships. I want to be somewhere where it’s about inspiration.

I feel like with Instagram there is a feeling of pulling the veil back. Here’s a company or a business or a personality, but let’s pull back the veil a little bit. I think that makes it a better place for businesses to be, in a way, because it helps people build that personal relationship. 

I’ve got one foot in being a person that you can relate to and one foot in being a coach that runs a program. On Facebook, I think that businesses tend to keep a more formal profile, and it’s a lot harder for people to feel relatable.

What’s the problem you want to solve?

Kayla’s story is one of seeing a specific problem and having the drive and passion to solve it. She’s successfully identified the particular audience she loves to help and one that is excited to trade money for her help. Plus, she found the channel that works best for her and her following.

To achieve success like Kayla’s, it helps to discover a micro niche in order to focus your efforts and clearly target your audience.