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How to Come Out of Quarantine Healthier & More Productive

How do you want to leave quarantine?

Lazy? In pajamas? Convinced ice cream is a breakfast food?

Personally, I’d prefer to be healthier and more productive. 

That’s why I turned to Dean Rosson for this Fitness Friday edition of #FlipMyFunnel.

Dean is the Owner of Fit2win Corporate Wellness and has some great — and possibly counterintuitive — tips on how you can maintain your energy, be more productive and stay healthy, even through a quarantine. 

Whether it’s a pyramid or a plate, the FDA gets nutrition wrong

Dean: What not to do is what everybody does.

I’m not anti-FDA, I’m not anti-USDA. As a matter of fact, they’re doing some very good work right now. But when it comes to this area of nutrition, health and wellness, I want to encourage everybody to — are you sitting down? — do the opposite

Do the opposite of what they’re saying. 

Now I knew a lot of people say it’s not the food pyramid anymore. It’s called My Plate, but it’s very similar to the FDA food pyramid. It’s just now in a circular shape. 

But here’s the way it works: At the bottom of the food pyramid, it says to eat 6 to 11 servings of everything that I’m going to tell you to either limit or eliminate. 

Eliminate bread, cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes, corn, and all the chips and all the garbage foods that a lot of Americans are consuming.

Go to the supermarket. Obviously, it’s a little different these days, but when you go to the supermarket, how much floor space is being taken up in that particular supermarket with carbs? 

In some cases, the entire aisle is 100% cereal.

Fats get a bad rap

Dean: Let me give you the big picture: Carbohydrates metabolize into sugar. 

In other words, if I was to eat some bread, some people just look at it as, so what? I’m just having bread. I don’t see sugar on here. It’s not made with sugar. 

I want people to do is do the opposite of what the FDA food pyramid and the guidelines tell us when it comes to dietary fat, too. 

What they say, and I’m going to quote it exactly, it says “use sparingly.” This morning, I did the opposite of “use sparingly” in order to have the energy I have.

Dietary fat will feed your brain, give you energy beyond anything you ever thought possible. And there’s something that’s called M C T oil, which stands for medium-chain triglycerides. 

It’ll give it fuel, it’ll make you thrive. 

When you eat carbohydrates, your body goes into what I call a carb coma. You go from high blood sugar to low blood sugar. So, then what happens is we end up having fat gain.

Run to fat; run from the carbs. We believe fat makes us fat. 

But here’s something I want to encourage you to think about: That dietary fat could actually help you to lean out and become healthy and lean.

The 70/30 rule

Dean: Here’s the deal, you’re at home now and odds are your gym is probably going to be closed. 

How do you do everything exercise-wise? How do we exercise with bodyweight? What are some techniques and tricks that we could use? How do we do it with that home gym or those dumbbells that are just collecting dust for the last couple of years?

Now is the time to pull them back and to literally start developing muscle. 

But it’s what you do in the kitchen that matters most.

If you’re struggling with a weight problem, I promise you that it’s not your genetics.  It’s probably the fact that you thought you were eating lean and clean, but you’re eating carbohydrates. I want to see you eat more dietary fat. 

And there’s more to it than that, of course. 

You need high-fiber vegetables; lean, clean protein; to drink more water; to lower your stress levels — but we want to make sure that everybody’s information is calibrated in this. 

That way, we’re not going off thinking we’re being healthy when, turns out, we’re becoming more unhealthy.


This post is based on a podcast with Dean Rosson. If you’d like to listen to the full episode, you can check it out here.

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