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How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Revenue Summit 2017

Early into my marketing career, I wanted to go to a few conferences throughout the year that I knew were going to launch me into my career, give me a solid footing in the industry, and completely blow my mind in terms of content, expertise, and networking.

I built a solid, concrete plan for attending and presented the proposal to my boss. And you know what? He approved!

But I also made it really hard not to.

I’m going to tell you exactly how I convinced my boss to send me to whatever conference I wanted.

Write the Most Baller “Convince Your Boss” Letter

Some of you are in more formal or corporate organizations and you need to write something for your boss to have on file (and they certainly appreciate it when you take the time and effort to do something like this).

If you’re in that position, I’m going to link you to the hands-down best template letter I’ve ever seen for a conference. Revenue Summit has already been entered into the letter, but feel free to download, edit, and send by clicking here. Use the agenda to help you map out your key takeaways, keynotes, and sessions – and also use the website to discuss what you expect to learn.


Fill out that bad boy and kick it over to your boss!

This Isn’t Like Any Other B2B Marketing or Sales Conference

I totally get it – there’s a billion conferences that all tout the same exact thing about being valuable and worth the time out of the office and having great takeaways. This is where I can help differentiate Revenue Summit from other conferences, and you can also leverage this for the ‘ol boss:

  • We’re not just tackling tactical problems. We’re tackling very real business problems. This is one of the few conferences that focuses on the specific strategic and tactical challenges that marketers and sales teams have when sourcing accounts, expanding to leads, how they even optimize their models in the first place, and how all of this translates into the dollars they need to keep the business moving.
  • This is also one of the few conferences that brings marketers and sales teams together to actually align themselves. Most conferences will focus on one specific thing – content marketing, SEO, analytics, etc. – but they rarely bring the full picture together. This is beyond the tactics. This is about challenging the status quo and working together!
  • This is about building relationships – lasting ones with other companies that have challenges that look a lot like yours.
  • You’re not going to find this lineup tackling these revenue challenges anywhere else. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to grow revenue from B2B marketing and sales leaders from Facebook, Twilio, Cloudera, SiriusDecisions, Topo, Salesforce, and so much more!

Okay, you convinced me. Sign me up!

Leverage the Speaker’s Expertise

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David Cancel
Founder and CEO

One of the things I did really well when discussing conferences with my boss and building my case to go was leveraging what I researched about the speakers.

For example, David Cancel is speaking at the Revenue Summit and he’s going to be a keynote session (which we’re really excited about). And his experience accomplishing the exact things I want to accomplish for my business are going to come through in his session. He was the Chief Product Officer for HubSpot, is the CEO of Drift, and has had 4 successful exits to date.

In other words, David is a growth-hacker, and that’s a trigger word for some people.

Also – don’t be afraid to name-drop the speaker’s current or former company – especially if they’re anything like your company. I always found it particularly exciting when I was able to find a company like mine speaking – or even sometimes a competitor!

Discuss the Types of Attendees

No one wants to go to a conference (or send someone there) where the other attendees are nothing like them.

When building the case for your boss, talk about who the event is for and how the audience is exactly for you, and companies like yours with the challenges that you have. If you can zero-in on who this is entire conference is for the problems those people are trying to solve, it makes it really hard to say no.

“Sales Hacker & #FlipMyFunnel bring together the top practitioners in sales & marketing. The connections and the knowledge transfer that happens here is priceless.”
– Ralph Barsi, Senior Director of Global Sales Development at ServiceNow

Okay, you convinced me. Sign me up!

Demonstrate the Importance of Discovering New Technologies

Everyone is on a technology spectrum. You might have very antiquated systems and you know there’s a better world out there, but finding something that fixes your exact problem is tough. Or, you might have a very robust technology stack, but you understand the need for constant iteration and evolution – because to remain still is to die.

It’s extremely intimidating trying to find the best sales-enablement or marketing technologies for your organization – especially when you’re not able to see it all in one place, you’re not able to meet anyone in person, and you’re not sure of what else exists out there that can do something similar.

Revenue Summit, and conferences in general, is a great way to be introduced to many technologies all at once – and that all directly correlate with solving the challenges.

“We are in the age of modern B2B, where marketing and sales need to partner together to serve the customer. The Revenue Summit, brings the best and the brightest minds to help you modernize your organization at scale.”
– Matt Heinz, President Heinz Marketing

Okay, you convinced me. Sign me up!

Choose Sessions Based on Your Challenges

Every single speaker, topic, and session has been carefully selected and arranged to bring you the absolute best event experience while also giving you the best value. That means we want to focus on the sessions that mean the most to you and help solve the problems you need to actually solve.

So you should too!

Listen – choose the sessions that tackle your challenges. I think that probably already goes without saying. But even more than that, tell your boss about the sessions.

Highlight the Value for the Price Point

A ticket to Revenue Summit is around $300, but the value that you get, the lessons you learn, and the actionable strategies you take from the speakers literally contribute up to a million dollars worth in revenue. Possibly even more than that – especially in the case of Terminus who 5X their revenue in the span of a year – and all from leveraging the ideas, practices, and strategies that you’ll learn at Revenue Summit.

Julia Stead from Invoca is also another great case study – she learned from those who were positively impacting the revenue needle and in turn, did the same thing at her company.

Every single speaker at Revenue Summit has impacted their budgets and their bottomline in a positive way. And you get to learn directly from them. No fluff, no spam, no noise. Just results.

So how much will you contribute after Revenue Summit?

Okay, you convinced me. Sign me up!